Egypt, Russia to reach combat extremist activities agreement



Sun, 26 Dec 2021 - 06:05 GMT


Sun, 26 Dec 2021 - 06:05 GMT

The Russian ambassador

The Russian ambassador

CAIRO - 26 December 2021:  Russia and Egypt are close partners in the field of combating terrorism, national security and information security, Russia's Ambassador to Cairo, Georgiy Y. Borisenko said Sunday.


Borisenko noted that there are different levels of cooperation in these areas.


"Certainly the private parties concerned with these files in Egypt and Russia are in direct contact, as is the case with our foreign ministers. Russia and Egypt have a special bilateral working group to combat terrorism,” the Russian ambassador said, in a press conference.


The Russian ambassador stressed that there is great cooperation between Cairo and Moscow at the United Nations to develop some special agreements related to combating terrorism, and the same applies to the very important international information security issue.


"Russia and Egypt, as they say in the United Nations, are like-minded in this area, and we are working together to draw up a special agreement to combat criminal and extremist activities in the field of information technology, and our cooperation has reached an advanced stage, and we have a complete mutual agreement in this field, and we hope that this agreement will be enforced by 2024.


He pointed out that this agreement would help Russia, Egypt, and other countries in the world in combating terrorism, extremism and criminal activities in social networks, and the Internet in general.


“It will be a very useful mechanism for both countries, who talk about the existence of a large trade between them in the field of military equipment, and learn how they can work together, and how they can perform different military tasks together, including, as happened during the exercises of the anti-terrorist airdrop forces, Because the mission was to prevent terrorists from taking over villages, and it was successful,” he added.


The Russian ambassador stressed that the joint exercises between the Russian and Egyptian air landing forces were successful, explaining: "We have very intense cooperation in the military field, and next year we also expect a new training contract between the missile defense forces of the two countries, and we hope that this interaction will increase between us."





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