The platform aims to shed light on the vision of the National Training Academy (NTA) regarding courses that are designed to build cadres and leaders.

It is one way to establish effective communication among parties concerned with implementing Egypt’s 2030 vision for sustainable development.

Investing in human capital is a top priority of the government, Mashaat said Sunday, noting that Egypt is seeking to hone skills of young leaders who will be able to manage development plans in the future.

The NTA will pinpoint efforts exerted to upgrade human resources and highly prepare future leaders to be able to engage in partnerships with development partners, the minister said.

Mashaat added that her Ministry is keen on integrating technical cooperation and human resources into international partnerships with multilateral and bilateral parties.

This, she noted, should help build skills of youth and support Egypt’s vision for investment in human capital.

Mashaat said that more than 1,100 training programs have been implemented with China over the past four years, adding that more than 4,000 civil servants and officials benefited from those courses.

She urged senior officials at the Ministry of International Cooperation to follow up activities on the platform and coordinate action with the NTA team and other development partners.