Dabaa Nuclear Plant to improve Egyptians’ living standards, provide safe energy: Rosatom



Tue, 07 Dec 2021 - 12:24 GMT


Tue, 07 Dec 2021 - 12:24 GMT

El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant - File Photo

El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant - File Photo

CAIRO – 7 December 2021: The Egyptian-Russian Nuclear Forum kicked off Tuesday to highlight the efforts exerted in establishing the nuclear reactors at Egypt’s first nuclear plant “Dabaa.”


The Dabaa nuclear plant, with a capacity of 4,800 megawatts, is expected to improve Egyptians’ standard of living and will become a source of safe energy.


Grigory Sonsnin, the director general of the El-Dabaa nuclear plant project at the Russian company Rosatom, which is responsible for the construction of the plant said that “the nuclear reactors that will be established at the Dabaa nuclear plant will be of the third generation, which is considered the latest, best and safest in the world according to the most modern international standards.”


Ahmed Owais, Chairman of the Joint National Committee for the Settlement of Nuclear Energy Technology, confirmed that there are 295 Egyptian companies registered so far on the website that has been identified to select companies participating in the supply of equipment and the implementation of the local component of the El-Dabaa nuclear power plant.


He explained that the specialized committee for the settlement of nuclear technology includes in its membership officials from Egypt and Russia, adding that the committee seeks to localize the construction sector, equipment and raw materials supply, design work and engineering survey.


He further pointed out that the first unit of the Dabaa plant will contain 20 percent local components, which will rise to 25 percent in the second reactor, and 30 percent in the third, and up to 35 percent with the completion of the fourth reactor.


Owais explained that the Russian company, Rosatom, which is responsible for the construction of the El-Dabaa nuclear plant, offers competitive bids to companies.


During the forum, Dr. Mohamed Ramadan, the director of the Dabaa project, and Ramadan added during the Egyptian-Russian Nuclear Energy Forum, that the existing relations between Egypt and Russia began decades ago, and contributed to many development projects, most notably the El Dabaa nuclear plant.


Anatoly Kovtunov, the director of the construction of El-Dabaa nuclear power plant in the Russian company Rosatom, confirmed that work on the project did not stop at all despite the Corona pandemic, and the number of workers in the project was not reduced.


Kovtunov, added that drilling work in the second nuclear reactor has been started to ensure the commercial operation of the plant according to the schedule.


The director of the construction of the Dabaa plant indicated that the basic work of digging the bases of the first reactor is in full swing, paving the way for the start of concrete placement after obtaining a permission to accept the construction, which is expected to be issued next year.


The director of El-Dabaa construction said that the plant currently provides nearly a thousand workers between Egyptian and Russian, and by the end of 2022, the total number of workers at the plant will reach 5,000 workers, pointing out that El-Dabaa nuclear project is expected to provide 30,000 job opportunities, 70 percent of whom are from Egyptian workers.


Dr. Namira Mahran, of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority, confirmed that there are many segments of society targeted to provide them with the advantages of the Egyptian nuclear project to generate electricity and the importance of this national project, especially the Egyptian woman, who plays a major role in increasing popular acceptance of the nuclear plant through her children and family.



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