Development strategy of Suez Canal revealed, AI center to be established



Sat, 04 Dec 2021 - 04:43 GMT


Sat, 04 Dec 2021 - 04:43 GMT

Suez Canal - FILE

Suez Canal - FILE

CAIRO - 4 December 2021: Egypt’s Suez Canal is a major artery for the global seaborne trade movement, through which about 10 percent of the total global trade movement crosses, which is about 25 percent of the total movement of goods globally.


Around 100 percent of the total seaborne container trade between Asia and Europe cross through the Suez Canal, in addition to this, the canal is one of the most important links in global supply chains, given its distinguished geographical location as a navigation channel linking the Mediterranean at Port Said and the Red Sea at Suez, and the navigational services the canal provides for transiting ships and tankers.


In this regard, we shed light on the developmental strategy of the Suez Canal Authority:


1- Continuing to follow a flexible pricing and marketing policy in a manner that enhances the competitive advantage of the canal as a less costly navigational alternative. Ships and shipping lines that frequent at the canal, will be motivated through distinguished and priority services in transit.


2- Developing the economic zone of the Suez Canal to overcome the challenges resulting from the impact of competing roads, with the industrial and logistical zones it provides that connect customers with the navigational course of the Suez Canal.


3- Continuing to support the Belt and Road Initiative, diversifying investments in the economic zone, and improving navigation services in Egyptian ports, especially East Port Said Port, which contributes to attracting shipping lines.


4- Establishing the Artificial Intelligence Center to support decision-making in the Suez Canal Authority with the aim of increasing and activating advanced technologies in modernizing and mechanizing work in the Suez Canal Authority in all disciplines.


5- Developing, modernizing and restructuring the companies affiliated with the Suez Canal Authority, through an integrated system for reform, asset management, projects and business development.


6- Increasing the connection with the Egyptian commercial representation offices in different countries and informing them of the most important developments, advantages and services offered by the channel in order to convey the full picture to these countries.


7- Studying the establishment of a special marketing department in the Suez Canal Authority, with the assistance of some local and international experts, in order to build a long-term marketing strategy, and contact customers to know the most important developments in the global market for maritime transport.


8- Expanding spendings on research projects concerned with the continuous evaluation of the economics of maritime transport, and the effects of technical progress on the construction of tankers and their sizes, port planning, navigational movement and operating costs.


9- Continuing to support the authority and its subsidiaries with skilled and experienced human cadres, especially in the field of modern technologies in communications, information systems and logistic centers.



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