In a statement issued Thursday, the State's statistics body said the index of the food products industry reached 144.33 in September 2021 compared to 138.05 in August, recording a 4.55% hike, due to a high market demand.

The activities that reported an increase in their index included those of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries that reached 129.04 in September 2021 compared to 121.72 in August, recording a 6.01% hike, due to a high demand prompted by need for medicines, detergents and disinfectants amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The index of the beverage industries hit 365.42 in September 2021, compared to 389.93 in August, recording a 6.2%9 decrease.

The electronic products' industrial index recorded 98.25 in September, 2021 compared to 121.89 in August, with a 19.39% decrease due to a decline in demand.