Total number of companies applied to e-invoice system hit 4.2K, 5th phase to start on Dec.15



Sun, 21 Nov 2021 - 12:38 GMT


Sun, 21 Nov 2021 - 12:38 GMT

Tax- CC via The Blue Diamond Gallery

Tax- CC via The Blue Diamond Gallery

CAIRO – 21 November 2021: The total number of companies that uploaded electronic documents to the actual operating environment of the electronic invoice system in its five phases amounted to more than 4,239 companies, according to Reda Abdel Kader, head of the Egyptian Tax Authority.


Abdel Kader said in a statement, Sunday that more than 82 million electronic invoices have been sent to the system since its activation until now.


He pointed out that the number of financiers registered on the electronic invoice system voluntarily reached without mandatory decisions recorded (12,800) funders, and the number of funders who voluntarily sent documents to the system outside the mandatory decisions, hit 531 financiers.


Abdel Kader pointed out that the implementation of the fourth phase of the electronic invoice system began on September 15, to apply to all companies registered in the Center for Mediterranean Financiers (Cairo), and the Center for Senior Freelance Professions (in Nasr City), and also the start of the implementation of the fifth phase of the system on December 15, 2021, on (3738) companies registered in the investment and shareholding missions in Cairo.


He indicated that the authority is preparing for the start of the implementation of the fifth phase of the invoice system on December 15, by holding workshops to educate financiers who are obligated to join it, as well as communicating with them through e-mail and phone calls, which had a great positive return from the financiers. .


The head of the authority stressed that the success of the electronic invoice system came as a result of the continuous and diligent follow-up by the Minister of Finance of all steps and procedures for their implementation on the ground, solving any problems and providing all support.


“We are continuing to complete all stages of the system in the time specified for this,” he stated, noting that the electronic invoice system is an important step on the path to digital transformation to achieve Egypt’s Vision 2030, and it is also a major step in developing the tax system and raising the efficiency of tax examination, which contributes to the achieving the rights of the state's public treasury in a way that helps achieve financial and economic goals and enables the state to complete its development path.


Abdul Kader stressed that the electronic invoice would maximize the chances of integrating the informal economy into the formal economy to achieve tax justice and lay the foundations for a sophisticated tax system comparable to developed countries.


He explained that the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority provide all facilities and support for companies to mandatory join the electronic invoice system, whether through the technical support office at the Senior Taxpayers Center or field visits and through the integrated call center on 16395 or through e-mail.




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