E-Finance announces final price for offering its shares on EGX at LE 13.98


Tue, 12 Oct 2021 - 04:03 GMT



CAIRO – 12 October 2021: E-Finance for Financial and Digital Investments has set the final price for offering the company's shares on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.


The company said in a filing to the Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX), Tuesday, that the final price of the offering is LE 13.98 per share.


It explained that the initial public offering (IPO) period started from Sunday, October 10, until Sunday, October 17.


The volume of the public offering tranche is 25.77 million shares, representing 10 percent of the total shares offered for sale, which represents 1.61 percent of the total shares of the issuing company. The minimum order is 100 shares and the maximum number is all offered shares.


While the size of the private placement tranche is 232 million shares, representing 90 percent of the number of shares offered for sale, which represents 14.5 percent of the company's total issued shares.


The minimum number of requests for individual investors in the private placement is LE 5 million without a maximum, while the minimum for financial institutions is LE 10 million pounds without a maximum.




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