Al-Araby Group signs agreement with Al-Barbari to build factories to produce household and electrical appliances in Sudan



Tue, 07 Sep 2021 - 03:54 GMT


Tue, 07 Sep 2021 - 03:54 GMT

In a precedent that is the first of its kind, Al-Araby Group signed an agreement of industrial technical cooperation with the Sudanese company Al-Barbari to manufacture and market household and electrical appliances in the sister state of Sudan. The agreement was signed in the presence of Mr. Ibrahim Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Sudanese Minister of Industry and Engineer Mohammed Mahmoud Al Araby, CEO of Al Araby Group and Engineer Mahmoud Kamel Al Barbari, Chairman of al-Barbari Company, in addition to a number of public and government figures in the state of Sudan.

Engineer Mohammed Al Araby confirmed that Al Araby Group has high manufacturing expertise in the field of home and electronic devices, which has been reinforced by cooperation with major international companies such as Sharp, Toshiba, Sony of Japan, Hoover and Germania, Italy. He added that the strategy of Al-Araby Group is to expand trade in the world markets through exporting and manufacturing processes, explaining that it was agreed with Al Barbari Company to establish factories to produce household and electrical appliances in Sudan.  He also stressed that this step represents a vital importance to meet the wishes of customers and their confidence in Al-Araby products in   the state of Sudan and the rest of Africa.

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Mahmoud Kamel Al Barbari, Chairman of Al-Barbari Group also expressed his delight with the partnership with Al-Araby Egyptian Group; he stressed the importance of developing the industry and localizing it in Sudan to reach the consumer at the cost price.

Sudanese Industry Minister Ibrahim Sheikh Abdul Rahman praised the potential and experience of Al-Araby Group in manufacturing processes as well as the customer’s confidence in it, adding that the partnership signed will contribute to increasing trade between the two sisters: Egypt and Sudan



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