Head of the Export Council for Ready-made Garments Marie Louis, said in a statement Wednesday the sector's exports rose by 55 percent in June to reach $199 million, compared to $128 million during the same month last year.

The sector's exports have been performing well since the beginning of 2021, with an improvement in demand in international markets and the council's efforts to raise awareness of market requirements and to organize a number of events aimed at increasing total exports.

She announced the participation of nine Egyptian factories in the “Magic Show” exhibition, held in Las Vegas in the United States of America on August 8-11 this year, the first actual session of the exhibition to be held since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, in coordination and cooperation with the GTEX MENATEX Egypt program of the International Trade Center ITC.

Participation virtually in the exhibition was for two months from August 1 till early October 2021, she said, explaining that it is a new system adopted by most departments organizing exhibitions to help all exporters enhance access of their exports to various global markets and provide equal opportunities.

She praised the new rules of exhibitions for fiscal 2021-2022, which have been recently approved, noting the vital role of Minister of Industry and Trade Nevin Gamae in meeting the demands of the export sector and reaching the best program for participation in exhibitions.