During the fourth session of the National Council for Artificial Intelligence on Sunday, Talaat said that the platform includes the national AI strategy, and covers various events, news and details of AI projects in Egypt, as well as the capacity building programs provided by various institutions and Egypt’s achievements in the AI field.

The platform also provides an opportunity for exchanging views and expertise among stakeholders, i.e. the government, public and private sectors, academia, and startups, on AI issues, especially those related to the opportunities enabled by such technology and the principles and ethics of its use, the minister said.

The launch of the platform comes as part of Egypt's keenness to embrace the technologies of the digital era, adopt its major technologies, and enhance the country’s standing as a regional and global leader in the AI domain.

The minister stressed that the launch of the national AI platform helps achieve a breakthrough in this field, and allows those working and interested in AI to save time and effort in reaching their goals.

"This reinforces the national efforts in leveraging such technology to bring about digital transformation and build Digital Egypt," he added.

Talaat pointed out that the platform is of great importance as it augments Egypt’s leading role as a key player in the AI field at the international level.