Egypt works on enhancing electrical interconnection projects with countries: Minister


Sat, 01 May 2021 - 03:00 GMT

Power towers - FILE

Power towers - FILE

CAIRO – 1 May 2021: Egypt is working strongly towards enhancing electrical interconnection projects with other countries, for the many benefits of such projects and its positive impact on different sectors, according to Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker.


Shaker explained that electrical interconnection projects between countries have many benefits including technical, economic, environmental, social, political, and legal.


He further added that such projects play an important role in promoting energy security, and increasing the use of renewable energy on the medium and long terms.


“Egypt is connected electrically with neighboring countries in the east (with Jordan), west (with Libya) and south (with Sudan,)” Shaker said, adding that Egypt has currently finalized studying a connection with Iraq through Jordan, in addition to the ongoing linkage project with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through which Egypt will be linked to the Gulf countries and Asia.


Shaker said that the electrical connection between the continents of Africa and Europe will serve to absorb the huge electrical energies that will be produced from renewable energy sources in Africa. “Therefore, Egypt is keen to support the efforts of African countries to access clean energy from renewable sources, especially that Africa is one of the many untapped renewable energy sources, and Egypt is expected to be one of the main hubs for the transfer of clean electrical energy to Europe,” he added.



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