The protocol comprises providing turbines, installment of wind turbines to generate electricity, and provision of technical support in new and renewable energy and water desalination.

The president of the BUE's board of trustees, Farida Khamis attended the signing ceremony in the presence of a galaxy of the teaching staff at the BUE. She stressed the university's support for the countryside company in order to help build a better future in Egypt.

Upon such protocol, BUE will grant ECDC the right to utilize the turbines operated by wind power in generating electricity. Meanwhile, ECDC will provide lands for the BUE and its representatives of contractors to install turbines and its all related electromechanical devices.

The BUE will also extend technical support to ECDC to support efforts of extracting groundwater and its desalination to be used in irrigation and drinking in the new urban and agricultural areas with the use of the state-of-the-art technologies and expertise of the BUE engineering professors.