Trade exchange bet. Egypt, Uganda reaches $110M in 2020


Thu, 08 Apr 2021 - 02:32 GMT

Exports- Creative Commons via Pixabay

Exports- Creative Commons via Pixabay

CAIRO – 8 April 2021: Trade exchange between Egypt and Uganda amounted to about $ 110 million in 2020, the Egyptian Commercial Representation Authority announced Thursday.


The authority added in a statement that the value of Egyptian exports amounted to $ 101 million, while the value of imports amounted to about $ 9 million.


It pointed out that exports of food products to the Ugandan market during 2020 amounted to about $ 18.1 million, compared to about $ 15.6 million in 2019, achieving an increase of 16 percent.


Within the framework of the Ministry of Trade and Industry's efforts to boost Egyptian exports to African markets, the Egyptian Commercial Office in Uganda organized a visit for a delegation from the Food Industries Export Council to the capital, Kampala, to follow up on the arrangements for holding the first Egyptian exhibition specialized in the field of food products, to be held during the first week of June 2021, in coordination with Uganda Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Head of Commercial Representation , Ahmed Maghawry, said that this exhibition comes within the framework of the Ministry's plan to double Egyptian exports to the countries of the African continent by organizing a series of events and visits during the current period to enhance economic and trade cooperation with African countries in general and the State of Uganda in particular, with the aim of introducing the African consumer with the great development that many Egyptian export sectors are witnessing during the current stage.


He added that, in coordination with the Export Council for Food Industries, selection of Egyptian companies that are qualified to participate in the Uganda exhibition and that work in the field of exporting foodstuffs for which there is a great demand in the Ugandan market is being selected in coordination with the Export Council for Food Industries, indicating that there is a great opportunity to increase Egyptian food exports to the Ugandan market.


The Head of Commercial Representation indicated that the Egyptian business community is currently keen to support bilateral trade relations between Egypt and Uganda on the basis of achieving mutual benefit, indicating in this context that some production requirements for Egyptian factories are currently being imported from Uganda. “This gives a positive message to the Ugandan side with the desire of the Egyptian business community to support joint cooperation on the basis of mutual trust, which is in the interest of the Egyptian and Ugandan economies and the business communities of the two countries.”




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