A report by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) pointed to “a big improvement” in individual consumption of meat, pourtly, fish and fruits, which increased by 30 percent, 28.2 percent, 26.7 percent, and 22.9 percent respectively. 

Family spending on transportation means has, meanwhile, declined by 6.1 percent compared with 18.8 percent in a previous CAPMAS study. 

Today’s report reflects changes in the level of awareness among Egyptians, particularly about threats of the coronavirus. 

It highlights a different consumption pattern, whether food- or non-food-related, and points out ways families follow to face the pandemic, which, likewise, affected their income. 

Spending on medical products (gloves – face masks) increased by about 93 percent up from 72.2 percent indicated in a previous CAPMAS study. 

Purchases of detergents and sanitizers also upped by 90.7 percent, compared with 72.5 percent, according to today’s release, which also indicated a rise in internet bills by 3 percent. 

Income rates have also downed due to the coronavirus crisis; with 34.4 percent of individuals getting wage cuts, 32 percent going completely out of business and 12.5 percent badly affected by precautionary measures, CAPMAS said.