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Egypt’s NGO calls on UN to designate MB as terrorist group

Thu, Feb. 13, 2020
CAIRO - 13 February 2020: The Observatory of Egypt’s Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog condemned the terrorist attacks that target the security checkpoints in North Sinai, calling upon the United Nations to designate the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist body.

The forum strongly condemned the attempted terror attack on a military concentration in North Sinai, in which Brigadier Mostafa Abido was killed.

Military spokesperson Tamer al-Refaei announced on Sunday that the Egyptian Armed Forces foiled the terror attack, killing 10 terrorists and destroying a four-wheel drive vehicle. However, the fire exchange resulted in seven casualties, two officers and five soldiers.

The Egyptian forum called upon the United Nations to announce the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group as it is responsible for all the terrorist attacks that have been taking place in Sinai since June 30, 2013 Revolution.

The forum said that the MB has several terror organizations that carry out terrorist attacks under different names, affirming that some of the MB fugitive members are the masterminds behind such attacks.

The MB violates the international legitimate human rights and as a result it should be designated as a “terrorist group” globally.

The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is the reference for all terrorist groups around the globe as it incites violence and religious discrimination, the forum said, continuing that despite its terrorist acts, some countries, like Qatar and Turkey, support its members.

One of the terrorist groups, affiliated to the outlawed Muslim brotherhood, is Ajnad Misr, which had caused many human and material losses in the years 2013 and 2014 in Greater Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood youth constitute the main part of it. Those youths used to lead the brotherhood battles with the police in the streets of Al Haram, Ein Shams, and Al-Alf Maskan neighborhoods.

Since the ousting of late President Mohamed Morsi, who was also a leader at the Muslim Brotherhood "terrorist" group, the Egyptian judiciary has placed hundreds of Egyptian citizens and entities on the terror list.

According to the act on the regulation of the lists of terrorist entities and persons issued in 2015, the inclusion of any group or person on these lists is automatically followed by the seizure of their funds and the issuance of travel bans. In case those designated as terrorists are abroad, they are placed on the country's watch list.

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