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More Arab countries may designate Muslim Brotherhood terrorist: former member

Sat, Jun. 15, 2019
CAIRO - 15 June 2019: Former leader at the Muslim Brotherhood Tarek al-Beshbishy said that more Arab countries may designate the group a terrorist organization such as Tunisia and Alegria.

Beshbishy’s statement came after the Cassation Court at Jordan had ruled on May 29 that the Muslim Brothehood that was licensed in 1946 as a charity and a branch of the mother group in Egypt has been dissolved since June 16, 1953.

That date marks the publication of a law on charity organisations in the Official Gazette, as reported by The Jordan Times. Since then, the brotherhood has failed to comply with the law as a charity. However, it has maintained its legal political arm the Islamic Action Front Party (IAFP), which was founded in 1992.

In 2015, the Muslim Brotherhood Group Society was licensed to become a purely Jordanian entity that was founded by Abdul Majeed Thneibat and other defects of the old group. The newly established group wanted to take control over the movable assets of the dissolved entity triggering a lawsuit by Hammam Saeed who used to lead the original group in Jordan.

The Cassation Court’s ruling stipulated that the Muslim Brotherhood Group Society cannot be a legal successor to a dissolved group.

Beshbishy, who is a Muslim Brotherhood defect, explained that the group worldwide circumvents dimantling decrees by establishing political parties adopting the same ideology but bearing different names.

The brotherhood is outlawed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Bahrain, and Mauritania.
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