Haya Karima provided over 550K job opportunities for youths in Egyptian needy villages



Wed, 13 Oct 2021 - 10:36 GMT


Wed, 13 Oct 2021 - 10:36 GMT

Haya Karima Initiative logo - FILE

Haya Karima Initiative logo - FILE

CAIRO – 13 October 2021: The presidential developmental initiative ‘Haya Karima’ has provided more than 550,000 job opportunities, including temporary and permanent, for the youths of the most needy villages across Egypt.


The initiative has managed to implement large number of projects in different governorates since it was launched in 2019. It aims to improve the living standards of 58 million Egyptians.  


The nation-wide initiative targets to develop approximately 4,500 villages and 30,888 manors in 26 governorates, whose population constitute 57 percent of the Egyptian population. The residents of these targeted areas suffer from vital facilities, services and low opportunities of economic, social and cultural development.


To achieve this ambitious plan, ministries, relevant executive authorities, as well as the private sector, civil society institutions and associations, are coordinating together with the rural citizens themselves, in setting the desired development goals in accordance with the priorities.


Haya Karima works to improve coverage of health services, raise the level of efficiency and quality of drinking water, improve sewage coverage, education, increase job opportunities, and implement services not seen in the countryside in Egypt before.


Egypt has launched Haya Karima (Decent Life) convention under the auspicious of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. The convention celebrates the initiative the president took to innovate and help people in need of better living conditions all over Egypt.


The project focuses on upgrading the social, health, educational, economic and housing levels as well as all sectors of services provided to those villages.


In the below lines, et highlights important figures regarding the initiative:


1-   The total number of beneficiaries is close to 55 million citizens


2-   The total cost of the initiative in three years amounted to more than 700 billion pounds.


3-   The first year covers 51 centers with a total of 18 million citizens across 20 governorates over the next three years.


4-   According to the achieved percentages regarding the percentage of the population benefiting from the initiative from the total population, the target percentage in the first period was 4.7 percent of the population.


5-   With the completion of the 375 villages this year, the coverage rate will be 17 percent of the population.


6-   The coverage rate next year will reach 35 percent, reaching 57 percent in 2023/2024.


7-   The initiative targets to raise the efficiency of more than 3,000 nurseries in 1,400 villages in 52 centers.




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