205% increase in Egypt's health sector investments in Planning Ministry strategy for 2021/2022



Tue, 18 May 2021 - 01:53 GMT


Tue, 18 May 2021 - 01:53 GMT

Stethoscope and blood pressure machine - Reuters

Stethoscope and blood pressure machine - Reuters

CAIRO – 18 May 2021: A 205% increase in investments in the health sector was set in the 2021/2022 development strategy as presented to the parliament by the minister of planning.

The increase amounts to L.E.47.5 billion, including the projects of Haya Karima Initiative, compared to L.E.15.6 billion in the year before.

The plan entails expediting the construction of health establishments so 23 hospitals join the service of the Health Ministry. Expediting the process will cost L.E.1.56 billion.

Some 2,861 ICU beds, 420 incubators, 421 child ICU beds will be made available at different public hospitals in 2021/2022 at a cost of L.E.598 million.

A total of L.E.983 million have been allocated to support the outlets that deal with Covid-19 patients; L.E.450 million will be dispensed to develop 23 lung and chest specialized hospitals, L.E.400 million for 42 fever specialized hospitals, L.E.43 million to develop quarantine units, and L.E.120 million to develop central laboratories across the country.

Seven new university hospitals will be established as per the plan in Gharbia and Tanta in the Delta, and Minya, Aswan, Asyut, and Sohag in Upper Egypt.

A total of L.E.2.9 billion have been allocated to develop 125 Takamul hospitals, which are small hospitals in villages that provide basic health services to alleviate pressure on big hospitals in the city. The money will also be used to develop 20 Family Development centers, 200 tailoring workshops attached to Takamul hospitals, and provide contraception and archiving family data planning, as well as finance 350,000 micro-projects.

Further, the plan allocated L.E.105 million to cover 300 million women in terms of treating and diagnosing breast cancer.

As part of a 3-year project to establish 20 centers to collect plasma to achieve self sufficiency of plasma derivates, six centers will be established in five governorates in 2021/2022 at a cost of L.E.650 million.




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