603 citizens examined in Qena as part of Haya Karima medical convoys


Sat, 24 Apr 2021 - 02:43 GMT

Haya Karima Initiative logo - FILE

Haya Karima Initiative logo - FILE

CAIRO – 24 April 2021: A free medical caravan was organized in Qena, as part of the medical convoys deployed by Haya Karima initiative that targets the most needy villages across Egypt.


A total of 603 citizens were examined as part of the convoy. The initiative “Haya Karima” supports the level of health services, amid the implementation of preventive and precautionary measures to protect against the infection of Coronavirus.


In addition to medical examinations, the convoy held seminars to raise awareness among citizens on different topics, including protecting themselves from COVID as well as reproductive health.


In 2020, Haya Karima was announced as a non-profit organization to implement the objectives of the initiative. A cooperation between three main ministries: Local Development, Social Solidarity and Planning, in addition to the participation of 16 civil society institutions.


The initiative has provided financial support to the most needy citizens, as well as services including medical, residential and job opportunities.


A study by the Egyptian Center for Thought said that 9.6 billion investments will be injected into developing 287 villages as part of “Haya Karima” initiative.


The villages, selected for this development phase of the initiative, experience above 68 percent of poverty rate.


The investments into these villages will be dedicated to the health sector through building and raising efficiency of health units, in addition to establishing new schools and classrooms.



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