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Sun, 03 Feb 2019 - 10:21 GMT


Sun, 03 Feb 2019 - 10:21 GMT

Abeer Fouad

Abeer Fouad

At the start of the New Year, we all wish for a look into a magical crystal ball to have a glimpse at what will happen to us in 2019. With the help of famed horoscopes expert Abeer Fouad, Egypt Today offers you a coup d’oeil at your near future and a few tips and tricks based on your astrological signs.

According to the horoscopes expert, Leo and Sagittarius are expected to be the luckiest and will enjoy a wonderful year. Taurus comes in second, then Libra and Aquarius, and Aries comes fourth. Unfortunately, Gemini and Capricorn will have the least luck this year.

Around the world Fouad expects “2019 will be a fiery year” because it starts on a Tuesday, which means that its horoscope is Mars, “the planet of wars”. She predicts that 2019 will be a year of crises, and will witness wars but will end with prosperity.

As Fouad predicts from the planetary influences, the Mars year will see positive progress in the Russian-Ukrainian relations, bringing some sort of calmness and stability. Communication and transportation will witness major leap in 2019; and the most abundant crops in 2019 will be wheat, barley and lentil. And at the end of the year, there will be an increase in fisheries and dairy products, in addition to prosperity in global trade.

Nevertheless, the planetary positions show that 2019 will see a global economic crisis. “The presence of Saturn in Capricorn will lead to a global economic crisis, like what happened in 2018 and will continue through to 2020 because Saturn will stay in Capricorn for three years,’’ Fouad explains.

This year will witness death of youths, strife in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria and a big crisis in Iran, Fouad forecasts, adding that war will resume in Syria, and major transformations will occur in Yemen.

“Although he is a Sagittarius and 2019 is supposedly a lucky year for him, Emmanuel Macron will quit his position, I predicted this from his date of birth because not all people with the same sign have the same luck, the day you were born plays an important role,’’ Fouad says, adding that Macron was born on Dec. 21 and his birth date indicates that he will face a stage end and that he will feel both sad and angry, so most probably his presidency will end.

“The unluckiest presidents in 2019 are the Turkish president Erdogan, the Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansur and Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani,” Fouad predicts, adding Erdogan will be frustrated and will face a financial crisis. Theresa May will face a transition period so most probably she will leave her position, she adds. “We can say that 2019 is the year of fluctuation for all the presidents.”

The lucky celebrities in 2019 are Laila Elwi, Dorra, Dina El-Sherbiny, Angham, Assala and Wael Kafoury. ”The least lucky celebrities in 2019 are Ola Ghanem, Mohamed Ramadan, Ghada Adel and Elissa. Artists who will be out of the spotlights in 2019 are Ahmed El-Fishawy, Adel Imam, Yousra, Elham Shaheen, Yasmine Sabry, Ghada Abdelrazek and Ragheb Alama.

In January, Mars will move into Aries, which is a fiery sign, so till February 14, the world may witness wars and battles, Fouad says. There will be an eclipse between Jan. 5 and Jan. 6 and demonstrations may occur in the US in this period.
A rebellion will erupt in Oman but the sultan will be able to deal with it. There were be global dangers in May and the French rebellion will continue.

“This is a year of surprises for Aries because Jupiter, the planet of luck, will bring them a bunch of dazzling and unexpected chances,’’ Fouad says. “The position of Jupiter will help Aries achieve financial profits and revenues, but Aries are big spenders, so my advice to them is to find the needed balance between their income and expenses.”
Concerning work, Saturn and Pluto will oppose each other in 2019, so Aries will be carrying heavy responsibilities and facing obstacles. However, the position of Jupiter will help them overcome these obstacles.

As for love and relations, married couples should be aware that Uranus will be in Aries for the first two months of 2019. “Uranus has been in Aries for eight years; this will lead to bickering and some sort of boredom in marital relations,’’ Fouad explains, adding that Uranus will move out of Aries starting March 6; when couples will decide whether to break this boredom and continue in the relationship or break up. If you are single, Jupiter will bring you good fortune until Dec. 2; and even afterwards, the sun will continue to grant you good luck till Dec. 21 or 22. “They will have great love chances and potential for a serious love relationship,’’ Fouad says.

“It’s the revolution year for Taurus; 2018 was the rebellion year for Taurus because Uranus was in their astrological sign. Uranus now left Taurus but will be back starting March 6 and will stay in Taurus for 7 years,’’ she explains. According to Fouad, Uranus is the planet of revolutions and surprises, and Taureans will rebel at work and will receive surprising offers. Uranus will make them bolder decision-makers in 2019.

Saturn and Pluto will move this year to the lucky positions for Taurus, bringing Taurus new experiences, and the opportunity to develop and become more ambitious. They will have all the needed success tools. “Jupiter will be present in the investment sphere for Taurus, so 2019 will be a wonderful year for buying and selling property, they will know how to manage their savings and will have a great opportunity for investment.’’

Married couples will rebel against their daily routine, which, for some, will give a new taste to their marital relationships. However, for incompatible couples, this rebellious attitude may threaten their relationship. Singles will have great chances in 2019, starting March 6. “Love will appear all of a sudden, they will be more mature in their love relationships thanks to the maturity Saturn will bring them.’’

Unfortunately, Gemini is one of the least lucky signs this year. “2019 is the year of confusion for Gemini; they will face some obstacles; they will be hasty because Jupiter will be opposite to Gemini; my advice to them is to try to concentrate as much as they can to avoid hasty reactions,” Fouad says. “They must control their temper and avoid taking hasty decisions because they might face some disputes with their work partners and bosses,’’ she adds. It is also important to avoid venturing into big financial agreements in general because Jupiter’s position would also make them take impulsive purchasing decisions.

In the first two months of 2019, Uranus will support Gemini by surrounding them with faithful people and friends. Neptune will be opposite to Gemini; thus, in matters related to work, they might receive fake promises, and are advised to carefully consider all offers they get.

Jupiter’s position opposite to Gemini will drive married couple to rebel against marriage restrictions and commitments, pushing each other to evade responsibilities. “My advice to them is try to overcome these negative feelings and to discuss all these issues in a suitable way with their partners and reconsider their relationships sincerely,’’ Fouad says.
Singles will be confused in 2019, unable to determine what they actually want from the relationship, which will push them into multiple relationships that will add to their confusion and sense of loss.

According to Fouad, 2019 is the year of renewal for Cancer. They will have a strong desire in resuming all the outstanding issues; and Uranus will support them starting from March 6.

“Their golden partner is Jupiter, which will fall this year in the work sphere, so this will help them organize their work and ideas and lead them to achieve what they want.’’
Pluto will be opposite to Cancer in 2019, which will lead to an unstable financial status, they will be hasty when making financial decisions. “My advice to them is to set a realistic budget and abide to it and try to work harder.’’

The presence of Saturn and Pluto opposite to cancer will create a state of continuous blame and criticism between married couple, they must try to handle all these matters in a mature way and to always remember that nobody is perfect. They need to be flexible and ready to make concessions.

For singles, 2019 is again a year of emotional renewal; starting from March 6, Uranus will enter into the friends sector, so a friendship can transform to love; and even if this doesn’t happen, they will have good chances for love in 2019 in general.

For Leo, 2019 is the year to achieve dreams. “2019 will be a magnificent year for Leo on all levels: work, love and financial status.’’

Because their ally this year in all life aspects is the planet of luck Jupiter, it will give them all the success tools. In work, Jupiter will guarantee successful social relations, influential and creative talents, the ability to develop and to become distinguished.

Concerning the financial status, Jupiter will be their financial expert, they will achieve success in trade and investment fields, they will be lucky in buying and selling property, they may get a salary raise, they may also receive an unexpected financial grant. “Only those who were born in the first two days of Leo may have some problems in their work and face professional pressures stating from March 6 because of the position of Uranus,’’ Fouad says.

The presence of Jupiter in the love place will make married couples give the first priority to their partners, granting them all the love and care needed. “They will have strong desire to be happy on the emotional side.’’ Singles also have great opportunities this year to find love and to establish wonderful successful relationships.

For Virgo, 2019 is the year of work. “They will be lucky on the professional level, which will enable them to achieve success despite some work pressures.’’ Starting from March 6, Uranus will bring them glamorous, brilliant and bold ideas that will capture the attention of others. “They will get appreciation for their work and establish a good career.’’

On the financial side, we have Jupiter in an opposite position, while Pluto supports Virgo. “Pluto may increase their income, giving them the ability to invest wisely, while Jupiter may push them to be spendthrifts… The astronomy status is contradictorybut the rational and realistic nature of Virgo may drive them at the end to act wisely.’’

Married couples will tend to revolt against their marriage and evade responsibilities because Neptune is opposite to Virgo. Singles have good love chances though Saturn and Pluto will push Virgo to be overdemanding in love and to put forth a lot of difficult conditions and requirements, always demanding strong guarantees for success. “They have good chances to find what they want in their partners, so in general I can say that Virgo singles have good love chances in 2019,’’ Fouad says.

It’s the year of happiness for Libra. Starting March 6, Uranus will change position, which will enable them to take good decisions at work; however, we have Saturn and Pluto opposite to Libra, which will add some work pressures. Fouad explains Libra will move slower and face obstacles; but the presence of Jupiter means good social relations. Libra will become diplomatic, fluent, have good negotiation skills, mental alertness and be able to act wisely.

Libra can look forward to a salary raise, but might be too adventurous and forget financial commitments.

Married couples may face some problems until March 5, then they will calm down and start to judge wisely. “My advice is to stop being hasty and not to take fateful decisions till March 6 because afterward they will realize their real emotions, they will have a golden chance to restore calmness to their marriage.’’

For singles, the presence of Jupiter will bring them successful social relations and opportunities to get to know new people. “They may find a good chance for love, to have partners who are compatible with them both emotionally and intellectual,’’ says Fouad, adding that Libra will enjoy good luck in love between March and October.

It’s the year of chances and money as Jupiter is present in the money place. Saturn will bring Scorpio strong relations and networks and Pluto brings them good planning skills, so they will be able to come up with smart plans that will enable them to thrive in their career. Starting from March 6, Uranus will be opposite to Scorpio, so they must be cautious before signing papers or contracts.

The presence of Jupiter in the money sphere, along with the support of Pluto, will drive their commercial sense to flourish, they will know how to increase their savings and how to negotiate for a salary raise. “They will know how to compel anyone to respect their rights, which will make them lucky in all financial issues.’’
Starting from March 5, married couples will have a strong desire for change. “The change here doesn’t mean separation or divorce, it could be a healthy change to renew their daily routine,” Fouad explains.

Singles will face an unstable phase, they will enter into several relationships, as their emotions will sway between feeling impressed with someone then getting frustrated when they realize that they are not what they expected. “They have a strong desire to have a relationship but unfortunately they only see half of the reality.’’

2019 is their lucky year because Jupiter is in Sagittarius this year. “Jupiter stays in any astrological sign for only one year then moves to the next sign to only come back after 12 years, so 2019 is Sagittarius’s golden chance andthey have to grab it.”

Concerning work, Sagittarius will have an innovative spirit and wonderful energy. “They will be inspired by magnificent ideas that will enable them to improve their work, they will be distinguished in all the activities they are going to do, they will know how to highlight their talents and gain the trust of others.’’

According to Fouad,this will open for them all the closed doors at work. Regarding the financial status, Jupiter will give them the ability to optimally invest their money, and they will have great commercial sense.

Married couples will be ready to stabilize their marriage relationships, as they will enjoy emotional and psychological stability. “Their main target will be building a bright future.’’ As for singles, Jupiter will offer them wonderful chances to meet the right person with whom they will build their future.

Capricorn is one of the least lucky signs in 2019 “because of the presence of Saturn for the second consecutive year. Saturn is the planet of strict laws and is a strict teacher; whenever it moves into a sign it doesn’t give luck but it gives tough experiences and hard life lessons, so after three consecutive years Capricorn will be more experienced, wiser and more mature,” explains Fouad.

Capricorn will face work pressures in 2019 but they will overcome them because they are diligent, ambitious and know how to bear responsibilities. Fouad says that the presence of Pluto will bring chances for better income, as they can negotiate for a salary raise. “Saturn will make Capricorns realistic, and they will know how to use their money wisely.’’

Married couples will reconsider their relationships, continuously trying to know their places in the hearts of their partners. “They will torture themselves and their partners with a lot of questions and doubts, and will need the help of a relationship expert.’’ Singles will want a perfect partner to be willing to enter into a relationship in the first two months; but, starting March 6, there will be big chances for love and romance.

2019 is the year of support for Aquarius. They will have better luck than last year. “Last year, Jupiter was in an opposite position but in 2019 Jupiter will support them, this will help them gain the trust and support of people.’’ Jupiter will help them show their potential, they will be able to manage hard tasks and staff and to create new work methods.

Regarding financial status, they have Neptune in the spere of money, which makes them ready with plans for any sudden situation. “Neptune is the planet of dreams so they must be cautious from fake offers and not tobe fooled.’’ The good news is that Jupiter supports them financially; this will enable them to have better income.

For married couples, their status will be the same, no problems and nothing new. They may face family pressures and some disputes with relatives or they will be worried about some of their family members; but in general these family pressures will not affect the marriage.

Singles have wonderful chances to find the right partner, especially among their friends. “My advice to them is not to reject any friend’s invitation because Jupiter is in the sphere of friends; this will give them golden chances to transform friendships to love,’’ Fouad says.

2019 is the balance year for Pisces. “We have Jupiter in an opposite position while Uranus is supportive; that is why 2019 is the balance year in every sense of the word.,” Fouad says. At work, they will try to find balance between their personal and work lives.

“Jupiter will be in an opposite position regarding work, so this will add professional pressures but at the same time Neptune will drive them to set perfect goals and they will want to carry on their work with perfection.’’

Starting March 6, Uranus will support Pisces in relations and work, guiding them to a major leap in their professional life. “Concerning financial status, we have Jupiter in an opposite position which will push them to act lavishlyand buy all they want. Meanwhile, the presence of Neptune in their sign will make their dreams quite unrealistic,“so my advice is to spend their money wisely otherwise they may go bankrupt, and not to be fooled by fake financial offers.”

Married couples will be mature and have a clear vision; they want to establish strong relationships based on sharing.

For singles, Neptune is in harmony with Saturn and Pluto, which will lead to a strong desire to find true love. “Their chances to find true love and to be happy will be in April, July and October.’’



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