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Thu, 29 Mar 2018 - 07:00 GMT


Thu, 29 Mar 2018 - 07:00 GMT

Photos by Egypt Today/Mohsen Allam

Photos by Egypt Today/Mohsen Allam

Street photography in an old city like Cairo, with its rich, long culture and history is an exhilarating experience with endless potentials. Exploring the alleyways, mosques, and souqs of Islamic Cairo through his camera lens, Photo Editor Mohsen Allam reflects on heritage and culture.

We often forget how magical the busiest areas could be; Allam’s shots capture authenticity from the heart of the city and the lives of everyday Egyptians, to the more intriguing street corners.


Puppeteering is an old art in Egypt, one that was enjoyed by children and adults alike during religious and other cultural festivals, including El Mawled El Nabawy, which inspired one of the most popular puppet shows in Egypt: El Leila El Kebeera.


From tablas (traditional drums) to trinkets and accessories, you can buy just about anything on the streets of Old Cairo.


The streets of Old Cairo, especially El-Moez Street, are filled with artisan gems, crafting everything from copper and brass to needlework and Khayameya art.


A batata (sweet potato) vendor serves up one of Egypt’s most popular winter street foods.


Many stores also sell antique or second-hand items and shoppers are bound to pick up a bargain.


Makeshift decor: a stand dressed up with traditional beaded scarves and topped with a tarbouche adds a splash of color to the drab sidewalk.




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