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Sat, 07 Oct 2017 - 10:00 GMT


Sat, 07 Oct 2017 - 10:00 GMT

Posters Films - Egypt Today

Posters Films - Egypt Today

El Khaleya


El Khaleya (The Cell) looks at security forces and their fight against terrorism. The high-budget action movie stars heartthrob Ahmed Ezz as a special operations officer working to stop more than one terrorist operation. Starring alongside Ezz are Samer El Masrie, Mohamed Mamdouh and Amina Khalil. Tarek El Erian wrote the story and direct ed the movie. which features a duet between popular singers Assala and Mahmoud Elessily.

Khair w Baraka


Khair and Baraka are two Egyptian brothers whose goal in life is to find a job and make their mother proud. While job-hunting they find themselves engaged in a number of funny situations. The comedy stars Ali Rabea, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Mai Selim and Tara Emad. The movie is written by Sherif Naguib and George Azmy and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.

El Kenz

محمد رمضان

El Kenz’s (The Treasure) storyline spans the Pharaonic, Abbasid, Ottoman and modern periods of Egypt’s history, leading all the way up to the 1970s. The plot revolves around corruption and how religious figures impose their authority over politics to secure high positions and power, as well as the issues related to mixing religion with politics. The administration of the Cairo International Film Festival, which will take place at the Opera House from November 21-30, specifically asked for this film to participate. Rumors are it is slated for the top spot and will headline the festival. Directed by veteran filmmaker Sherif Arafa, the all-star cast includes Mohamed Ramadan, Amina Khalil, Sawsan Badr, Mohy Ismail, Mohamed Saad, Hend Sabry and Ahmed Rezk.

Shantet Hamza

شنطة حمزة

Shantet Hamza (Hamza’s Bag) tells the story of Hamza—performed by popular singer and actor Hamada Hilal—who works as a professional conman. Hamza finds himself falling in love with a powerful woman, only to discover that she used to work for a famous gang. The film, which combines both comedy and action, stars Yousra El Lozy, Ahmed Fathy and Bayoumi Fouad. The movie is written by Ahmed Abdallah and directed by Akram Farouk.

Bath Mobasher

maxresdefault (1)

Bath Mobasher (Live Broadcasting) revolves around a suspended officer named Faris (Sameh Hussein) who finds himself caught up in a number of incidents when an anonymous person live broadcasts important events on social media and TV channels. The action/comedy follows Faris as he goes on to deal with the corruption cases, which involve powerful officials and businessmen. Starring alongside Hussein are Yasser El Tobgy, Mohsen Mansour, Mostafa Abbas and Samia El Traboulsi. Bath Mobasher is written by Tarek Ramadan and directed by Morcous Adel.

Aman Ya Sahby

Aman Yas Sahby

Aman ya Sahby (Peace My Friend) tackles the story of two singers who live on Mohammed Ali Street, an old street famed for its singers, dancers and musicians. A friend of the two singers suggests that to get out of their financial crisis they have to marry well-off girls. They manage to find these girls and make them fall in love with them, but they have conflicts with the girls’ brothers. The two singers are played by real-life shaabi favorites Saad El-Soghayar and Mahmoud Ellithy who star alongside Nermin Maher and the Armenian dancer Safinar in the light musical comedy. The film is written by Elsayed Sobky and directed by Hany Hamdy.



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