Seashell: The Beach Essential



Sun, 23 Jul 2017 - 12:43 GMT


Sun, 23 Jul 2017 - 12:43 GMT

Seashell The Beach Essential

Seashell The Beach Essential

Wicker bags with pompoms and little coins, clear, plastic bags for your phone to stay nice and dry on the beach, and a beach towel that turns into a tote are just some of Seashell’s signature designs. One of the few Egyptian brands to specialize in summer accessories, Seashell now marks its third year.

The brand, specializing in practical, easy to carry summer bags and towels to fit all your beach needs, started when Mostafa Magdy and Mohamed Ali came together to offer a unique brand to the local market. Magdy, a graduate of human resources and operations management, and Ali, a business informatics graduate, soon became a summer fashion sensation. They launched an ingenious beach essential; a towel that easily folds into a bag, featuring a waterproof pillow. The invention is padded enough for our comfort and has waterproof pockets for mobile phones and valuables to stay dry and sand-free, and can be bought off their Facebook account.

What are your designs inspired by?

Our designs are inspired by customers’ feedback and we are always looking into doing our designs and products based on what the customer wants and is looking for in a beach bag.

What is new in your collection this summer?

This summer, we want to offer our customers everything they need on the beach, we are launching new, trendy see-through plastic fillet bags and wicker-made bags with colorful Bedouin designs that are made in Fayoum and are high in demand. We also have new colors and designs for the cool portable bag/towel.

What would you say is key to your success?

The most important aspect of our success is customer satisfaction which falls into making sure our products fit well into summer days and are simply made of strong material that cannot be easily torn. We have been through the experience when we first started the business, because wicker bags are easily torn, but we added liners in the bags to make them more durable, and this year we added leather as a more protective material.

Our main aim is customer satisfaction at all costs. That is why we have a three-day return policy for any reason where we refund the customer’s money if they don’t like the product for any reason, or they can even check the item upon arrival and if they don’t like the product , they can refuse to receive it.

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