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Thu, 20 Jul 2017 - 02:02 GMT


Thu, 20 Jul 2017 - 02:02 GMT

photo courtesy - Yasmine Seoud

photo courtesy - Yasmine Seoud

CAIRO - 20 July 2017: This sunglasses designer offers funky, trendy and premium quality at affordable prices .

Launched last summer, the main idea behind JAZZY is to create good-quality sunglasses without that hefty price tag.

Yasmine Seoud, founder of JAZZY, has been in love with sunglasses “since forever.” With a good experience in marketing and public relations, Seoud decided to establish her own Egyptian sunglasses brand.

As the name entails, JAZZY is all about funk, fun, fashion and affordability with premium-quality lenses and materials.

JAZZY has established a following in a short time, selling their pieces online through their website and in several boutiques around Greater Cairo. Their latest summer collection features a lot of color, mirrored lenses and unusual, cool shapes.

How did the idea of JAZZY start?

I’ve always had a love for sunglasses and had noticed a spike in sunglasses prices that I thought would prevent us from buying multiple pairs. I know that good quality sunglasses don’t need to cost that much, and this is the rationale behind JAZZY.

The main idea for creating this brand was to offer trendy, fun and affordable sunglasses.

We want everyone to enjoy sunglasses as the fun accessory they should be and also enjoy premium quality lenses and frames. We don’t want you to be stuck with one or two pairs only, we want you to change it up according to your mood, activity and season.

JAZZY encompasses the functionality and style of what we think sunglasses should offer.

What do you believe makes sunglasses stand out?

I think an original design would definitely make a pair of sunglasses stand out. There are endless possibilities, with different colors, shapes and lenses.

What are the latest sunglasses trends this summer?

There are so many new sunglasses brands now, the market is not dominated by the famous designer names only. With this change, we now see that each brand has a different character and style, and offers something different to the consumer.

It’s not just one trend that takes over. Having said that, new trends on the market are unusually-shaped frames, transparent lenses—mirrored lenses are still quite popular—and wooden frames.

Which shades would you recommend for a day on the beach?

The best and most versatile sunglasses for summer should be a pair that is comfortable and light. Colorful sunglasses just pop on the beach, and mirrored lenses are also great for the beach.

What about the most suitable sunglasses for a day in the city?

If you are out in the city, you can go for something a little more dramatic or unusual, I personally like that.

In the end, it’s all about how you feel and what you would like to wear at that moment. An original design definitely makes a pair of sunglasses stand out.

There are endless possibilities, with different colors, shapes and lenses.

How do you choose the right shades for your face shape?

People with heart-shaped faces can usually pull off any sunglasses. It’s hard to generalize a fit for a specific face, but the general guidelines are: for a round face, usually square-shaped sunglasses work best. Likewise for square-shaped faces, round-shaped sunglasses are best.

Aviator-shaped sunglasses usually work well with heart-shaped faces, if you have small features, then don’t go for large, overpowering sunglasses. Oval-shaped faces can pull off pretty much any shape. Having said that, it really is about what you feel comfortable in and which pair makes you happy and suits your mood.

Other than a trendy design, what else should we look for when choosing sunglasses?

First, I would really consider the level of sun protection the lenses offer, after all that really is why we need them.

We take pride in the lenses we use and make sure that they offer a high level of protection, and also the frames and material used.

Good-quality sunglasses don’t need to cost a hefty price and JAZZY is proof of that.

Follow JAZZY on Instagram @byjazzy.

Available in Sahel at Pop-up Shop at Lakeyard and Ghazl Banat at Hacienda, in New Cairo at Pop-up Shop at Downtown Mall, in Zamalek at Mounaya Gallery, Ghazl Banat and Asfour El Nil, in Sheikh Zayed at Maison Pyramide at Mall of Arabia and RAX at Galleria 40, and in Heliopolis at Flair Boutique

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