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Wed, 12 Jul 2017 - 12:15 GMT


Wed, 12 Jul 2017 - 12:15 GMT

photo courtesy - Jude Benhalim

photo courtesy - Jude Benhalim

CAIRO - 12 July 2017: A t just 23, Jude Benhalim already has a distinguished style that screams edgy, bold and modern intertwined with a hint of Arab culture.

Famous for her bulled-shaped pendant with engravings like “Hazihy Ana” (this is me) set in silver and embossed with colorful stones, Jude Benhalim quickly made a name for herself in the world of accessories, designing jewelry inspired by geometric shapes and Nubian architecture.

Her handcrafted jewelry is daring and powerful, yet feminine and flattering.

The 23-year-old Syrian-Libyan designer admits that her jewelry is not for everyone and because of that, the typical Jude Benhalim woman is someone who wants to stand out by being edgy. Her pieces are a mixture of Arabic calligraphy and modern, sharp designs, combining crescent shapes with tribal, geometric lines.

Her designs also have a feminist touch as she says she’s inspired by the women who wear her jewelry and the strong women she surrounds herself with.

Born in Cairo to an architect and a mother who worked in fashion, Benhalim studied film direction at the American University in Cairo, but was always interested in jewelry.

After doing a creative design project at school, designing accessories with beads and selling them at a charitable event, the young designer started the brand in her own name when she was only 17 years old.

Benhalim’s mother and later partner, Rana Alazm, supported her since the beginning. Benhalim says she wouldn’t have accomplished what she did if it wasn’t for her mother who guided her through the journey.

Benhalim designs are sold on her website as well as concept stores like Pop-Up Shop and Mounaya in Egypt, O’ de Rose and Galeries Lafayette in Dubai, Milk in Bahrain, and will soon be stocked on Yoox.com.

What are you inspired by this summer?

This summer capsule collection is an extension of the Urban Rebel collection, following the story of the ever-evolving female muse as she now breaks free from the jungle-like metropolis that has long kept her caged in, emerging more confident and vibrant than ever before.

The city lights and pulsating energy of the jungle-like metropolis are what spurred the inspiration for this imaginative collection.

Multihued resin paired with empowering calligraphy in silver gives this 1970s-inspired collection a modern-day makeover.

The Urban Vibrance collection is a colorful take on a selection of existing Urban Rebel pieces, but this time translating the vibrant energy of the chaotic city into colorful, wearable structures. As with the main collection, this capsule collection channels the vibrant energy of an orderly city while incorporating the spirit of the 1990s punk and the rhythmic pulse of the city life, but all with a summer spin featuring bright colors like orange, pink and blue.

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photo courtesy- Jude Benhalim

What color palette, patterns and materials are in fashion this summer?

Bright, vibrant colors: flame orange, fuchsia, kale green and sea blue.

How can we make jewelry survive a day on the beach?

It’s not always a good idea to expose jewelry to salt water, humidity or too much sun. To keep the jewelry piece safe from the above, keep it stored in a sealed bag, away from the heat and humidity.

Speaking of the beach, what do you think the perfect beach outfit consists of?

Swimsuit, cover-up, shades, flip flops, a beach bag and statement earrings.

How would you style your own jewelry for a night out?

I usually have a statement jewelry piece make my outfit. My style is mostly very simple, so I like to give it an edge with a piece of jewelry. I usually go for a choker or big earrings and I’m good to go.

Where do you shop for summer clothes and accessories?

I love to shop online, it’s so much easier and very convenient. Some of my favorites are asos.com and nastygal.com.

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