Cairo Metro considers installing surveillance cameras inside trains: Spokesperson



Mon, 15 Mar 2021 - 02:06 GMT


Mon, 15 Mar 2021 - 02:06 GMT

CAIRO - 15 March 2021: Cairo Metro is considering installing surveillance cameras inside the trains of the first and the second lines to monitor the trains from inside.

According to Cairo Metro Company spokesperson, Ahmed Abdel Hady, these cameras will be operating along with the other surveillance cameras installed in all stations of the three lines.

Installing these Cameras will be taking place as part of the Ministry of Transportation’s plan to develop the first and second lines, in addition to adding new air-conditioned trains for the operating lines.

Considering such a decision came after reporting different incidents inside the metro with out the existence of any cameras to prove; which leads to the release of any potential abusers, harassers or thieves without punishment.

Also, recently, the existence of surveillance cameras helped arresting a child abuser in Maadi district who tried to sexually harass a 12-years old child her by touching her inappropriately.

The man, who was arrested last Tuesday, lured a girl selling tissues in the street in Maadi district, and made her follow him into a residential building, where he committed his crime.

lady who works at a laboratory in the same residential building saw the harasser on a CCTV while touching the girl’s body.

The lady said in the investigations that she opened the door abruptly, confronted the man, who fled the scene after he knew that his crime was recorded on the surveillance camera.

Commenting on such incidents, Cairo Metro spokesperson said that the company does not impose fines on harassers, however, in such cases they only escort them to police stations.






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