Egypt's irrigation ministry displays updates on 'canal lining project'


Thu, 11 Mar 2021 - 11:24 GMT

FILE - One of the Egyptian canals after being developed and lined – Press Photo

FILE - One of the Egyptian canals after being developed and lined – Press Photo

CAIRO – 11 March 2021: The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources noted Wednesday in a statement that it had accomplished the lining of 1,188 kilometers of canals across Egypt.


Currently, the ministry is lining further 4,312 kilometers while allocations to line 1,452 kilometers have been endorsed so they would be offered to contractors in tenders soon.


The target for the first phase ending in 2022 and worth LE18 billion is lining 7,000 kilometers of canals.


The canal lining project is part of the National Project for Developing the Egyptian Countryside aimed at raising the quality of life of residents of rural areas. The lining of canals would enhance water management and distribution, ensure the delivery of water to the ends of canals, and inhibit pollution.


On another level, the ministry is encouraging farmers to substitute modern irrigation systems for flood irrigation in order to rationalize water use. Modern irrigation systems have been introduced in 230,000 feddans and will be introduced in further 55,000 feddans as requested by agricultural land owners.


The ministry attributes demand by farmers on modern irrigation systems to the desire of lowering costs, and improving the productivity and quality of crops.



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