90K citizens examined under comprehensive health insurance in Luxor


Wed, 10 Mar 2021 - 04:13 GMT

Syringes - CC

Syringes - CC

CAIRO - 10 March 2021: The Public Health Care Authority announced that 90,000 citizens have been examined as part of the new comprehensive health insurance system in Luxor governorate.


Comprehensive medical examinations are being conducted for the beneficiaries of the new system at the health centers and units scheduled to operate within the system in Luxor. The trial operation phase is to operate at 42 health centers and units thereof, to provide primary health care services to its beneficiaries, which reach 80 percent of the health needs of individuals.


The Public Authority for Health Care added that the comprehensive medical examination for the beneficiaries of the new system includes (internal, dental, complete blood count, and comprehensive laboratory analyzes,) to identify the family history of illness, whether in terms of chronic disease or injury.


“The total number of registered persons in the new system in Luxor has reached more than 900 thousand citizens, representing more than 70 percent of the total population of the governorate, which has a population of 1,328,429 million people,” said the authority.


It further added that the registered citizens will enjoy all the health services and care under the new comprehensive health insurance system with high quality and dignity, and without any discrimination.


Luxor is the second governorate to apply the insurance system in the first phase of implementing the new comprehensive health insurance system, with which the new system was launched on February 16 of this year.



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