Sisi: it was a pleasure to honor families of martyrs, injured of Armed Forces



Tue, 09 Mar 2021 - 08:16 GMT


Tue, 09 Mar 2021 - 08:16 GMT

CAIRO - 9 March 2021: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el Sisi said that he has had a great pleasure to honor the families of the Armed Forces' martyrs and the armed personnel injured in the line of duty.

He wrote on his facebook account, Tuesday that “what those heroes offered will always remain engraved in the memory of Egypt and its people.”




Earlier on Monday, President Sisi meet with the family members of dozens of military and police officers who were slain during confrontations with terrorists, as well as the families of doctors who lost their lives after contracting Covid-19.

On the Martyr’s Day on Tuesday, Sisi met honored and shook hands with either the wife and young children of the victims or their elderly parents. He also honored officers who were injured in the turbulent period following the 2013 ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood regime, and veteran officers who were injured in the Israeli-Egyptian wars until 1973.

He also honored a doctor who lost his eyesight after an excruciating headache while working under extreme pressure in a quarantine hospital treating many severe cases of Covid-19 in May 2020. He was expecting a baby after 11 years of marriage, but did not get to see him with his own eyes.

President Sisi thanked the families and vowed that Egypt would stand by their side for as long as they lived, saying that without the sacrifice of those martyrs, the country wouldn’t have stabilized and leapt anti developments that have thus far come a long way.






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