Egypt's Public Prosecution says it received screenshots of 'Fairmont gang rape' video, urges witnesses to come forward



Wed, 24 Feb 2021 - 04:54 GMT


Wed, 24 Feb 2021 - 04:54 GMT

Egypt’s Public Prosecution – file photo

Egypt’s Public Prosecution – file photo

CAIRO - 24 February 2021: Egypt's Public Prosecution said on Wednesday it received screenshots of the video filmed during the gang rape of a girl in Cairo's Fairmont hotel in 2014, affirming that this would help the justice be served.

In a statement, the prosecution called on everyone who has the Fairmont gang rape video to hand it directly to the prosecution or send it via email at:

The prosecution affirmed that this email address is highly protected.

"The Prosecution urges everyone to activate their positive social role through providing this video to the Public Prosecution," the statement read.

The prosecution said a social media user had created an account with an unreal name, sent the screenshots to a number of witnesses, then deactivated the account in fear of being harmed.

The witnesses provided the screenshots to the prosecution, the statement read.

"This behavior has indicated some people's nescience of their rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and law in terms of ensuring the anonymity of the witnesses'  data and protecting them," the statement read.

The prosecution added that this lack of awareness made the witnesses in the case feel reluctant to give testimonies or provide the evidence they possess to help uncover the truth.

"The Public Prosecution confirms ensuring the confidentiality of the data of the witnesses and evidence providers and protecting them, in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and the law," the statement added.

The ‘Fairmont gang rape’

The case dates back to 2014, where a girl, whose identity is protected, says she was gang raped in Fairmont hotel.

The perpetrators allegedly filmed the incident and signed their names on the victim’s body.

The case stirred much controversy on social media, until the girl came forward to the National Council for Women, which then filed a case on her behalf.

Many defendants in the case have been arrested and others have been even deported from Lebanon to face the accusations.

Three defendants in the case; Ahmed Ganzoury, Nazly Mostafa and Seif el-Deen were released in January pending investigation.



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