Egypt’s CPYP signs protocol with Willis Towers Watson to develop young cadres



Sat, 20 Feb 2021 - 01:03 GMT


Sat, 20 Feb 2021 - 01:03 GMT

Egypt’s CPYP signs protocol with Willis Towers Watson to develop young cadres - Photo via CPYP Facebook page

Egypt’s CPYP signs protocol with Willis Towers Watson to develop young cadres - Photo via CPYP Facebook page

CAIRO – 20 February 2021: Egypt’s political parties’ Youth Coordination Committee (CPYP) signed a cooperation protocol Saturday with the leading London-based insurance company Willis Towers Watson, to develop Egyptian youth cadres.


The protocol is the first cooperation of its kind to happen in a political entity in Egypt. It seeks to help evaluate and develop the young cadres in cooperation with the international company, which is specialized in the fields of insurance brokerage, advisory and global multinational risk management.


During a press conference Saturday, CPYP member Ahmed Fathy expressed his delight with the unique cooperation with a well-established international organization like Willis Towers Watson that has deep expertise in developing human capital.



"The protocol of cooperation with Willis Towers Watson Company will constitute a milestone in the process of creating political cadres in Egypt,” he said, adding “For the first time, the scientific method will be used to measure the capabilities and skills of young people involved in political and public work, in order to achieve a greater understanding of the talents and capabilities they possess to be employed in.”


Fathy continued promising that CPYP “will prove every day that it is a cornerstone of developing the political situation in Egypt and transferring it to a rank worthy of a country of the size and importance of Egypt.”


“We are proud that more than 25 parties have now joined the committee as a result of huge efforts over the past years,” Fathy said.


He further highlighted achievements by the committee in empowering youths to be members of legislative bodies in the country, saying that “16 Representatives of the committee are now in Senate, and 32 in the parliament, half of which are women.”


As part of the committee’s plan to empower youths was connecting with international organizations to stand on the know-how, Fathy said the committee approached international organizations for advise and the answer was “developing human capital is a must.”


Using scientific methods to measure youths' capabilites 


Speaking about the protocol, Head of Willis Towers Watson Egypt Hub Hamed Mabrouk said that the first step will be evaluating the current status and what the youths require, and then move on to setting a plan to develop skills.


“We have served the Egyptian market over the past twenty years, and through our long experience in the Egyptian market, we have realized the need in the market to change the way in which the administrative authorities deal with human capital as the primary driver of success,” Mabrouk said.


Mabrouk added, “I am happy to cooperate with the Young Parties’ Coordination to help it select future leaders using the global Saville assessment tools that are used to recruit, build and lead youth talent and prepare them for future leadership positions. ”


Egypt’s CPYP signs protocol with Willis Towers Watson to develop young cadres


He further praised the CPYP work in Egypt saying “it is one of the most important political entities in Egypt that has emerged during the past three decades due to the state of diversity and disagreement it reflects under one umbrella in addition to its exceptional ability to communicate with the executive and legislative authorities, as well as obtain executive positions and seats in parliament in its two chambers of the Senate and Representatives."


Willis Towers Watson is known to be the world’s 3rd largest insurance broker, based in London, and operates in over 140 countries with a work force that surpasses 46,000 employees.


The CPYP defines itself as a “new generation of political youth who are part of the fabric of the Egyptian youth and who are aware of their responsibilities toward its nation.”


It was formed in 2018 as a platform for dialogue among Egyptian youth from various political currents, after Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El Sisi urged developing the political life in the country.


It has political youth and representatives from more than 25 parties reportedly holding different political thoughts.


At the end of the conference, the CPYP thanked TAZKARTI, as one of the main partners and supporters of the committee.



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