MPs Ahmed Saad al deen, Mohammed Abu El-Enein elected Egypt's House of representatives Deputies


Tue, 12 Jan 2021 - 08:20 GMT

CAIRO – 12 January 2020: Members of parliament Ahmed Saad al deen and Mohammed Abu El-Enein elected, Tuesday as Egypt's House of representatives Deputies.

According to Speaker Hanafy Ali El Gebali, Ahmed Saad al deen managed to get 485 votes and Abu El-Enein got 412 votes out of 581 total votes.

Eight candidates announced running for the post including three women.

The candidates were: MP Soliman Wahdan who got 125 votes, elected MP Mohammed Abu El-Enein, Well-known writer and journalist Farida el-Shoubashy who got only 71 votes, Professor Hanan Abdel Moneam Awad, vice President of Aswan University who managed to win 6 votes.

Also, MP Mohamed Abdel Aziz, member of the National council for Human Rights who announced to get 45 votes ,MP Sahar Bishier Mokhtar Maatouk won five votes along with MP Mohamed Ahmed al Gabalawy with 11 votes and elected Chancellor Ahmed Saad al deen.

Earlier during the opening session of the House of Representatives, MPs elected Chancellor Hanafy Ali El Gebali as the parliament speaker with 508 votes out of 576.

Gebali was nominated to the parliament Speaker post by the National List for Egypt, which has the majority of seats in Egypt's 2021 parliament with up to 284 seats.

Other three candidates competed Gebali for the Speaker’s post, including former official at the Administrative Control Authority Mohamed Salah Abou Hemela, Medical doctor Ahmed Abdel Hakim Youssef Darag and Mohamed Medina, member of Al Wafd Party.

Members of the parliament casted their ballots electing the new speaker during the inaugural session of Parliament 2021, which was headed by Farida Shobashi as the oldest member. She is also the first woman to chair the opening session of the House of Representatives.




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