Court sentences killers of 'Maadi Girl' to death


Wed, 30 Dec 2020 - 03:56 GMT

Maadi girl - Facebook Page

Maadi girl - Facebook Page

CAIRO – 30 December 2020: Cairo Criminal Court sentenced on Wednesday both killers of "Maadi Girl" to death while clearing the third defendant in the case.


The Public Prosecution's arraignment states: "Both defendants deliberately killed "Mariam" on October 13 as one of them drove a minibus in her direction while the other snatched her backpack. As the victim was holding on to the bag, the second convict kept clinging while the first convict did not stop the vehicle. As a result, "Mariam" was dragged until her head hit a parking car, and later, her body fell under the minibus' tires.


The convicts meant to kill her so they would get away with the backpack. They caused the victim's injuries that resulted in her death. The murder crime is coupled with a theft crime as in the same time and place they stole a sum of money and belongings from her. They carried a knife,  gun, and bullets. One of the convicts possessed hash when he was arrested"


The Public Prosecution charged the third defendant – who is the minibus owner - of taking part in the crime as he knew they would use the minibus in a robbery, yet, he gave it to them.


The convicts confessed, seven witnesses testified, and one of the witnesses recognized the first convict who was driving the minibus. The Prosecution had procured videos from surveillance cameras showing "Mariam" walking with her backpack on, and another showing her dragged and killed.


A blood test carried out by the Forensic Medicine Authority proved that the first convict is a hash user.



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