Tazkarti praised for the organizing of Cairo International Film Festival


Sat, 05 Dec 2020 - 09:38 GMT

Tazkarti team organizing entry of CIFF attendees

Tazkarti team organizing entry of CIFF attendees

CAIRO – 5 December 2020: International attendees of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) have praised the organizing of the event by Tazkarti Company, headed by its mastermind Montasser al-Nabrawy.


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Montasser Al Nabarawy, the mastermind behind AFCON FAN ID system: photo via Facebook


The attendees including both Egyptian and international actors, directors and also participating audience further hailed the special organizing of the entry and the exit of the festival, as well as the precautionary measures taken into account to avoid the spread the Coronavirus among attendees.


There was a huge turnout on the tickets once they were made available; however, the selling process went easily as latest modern international systems were used. The process was orchestrated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Montasser al-Nabrawi, the Director of Operations Sector Ahmed Ebada, and Director of Operations Teams Hatem el-Saeed.


Tazkarti team organizing CIFF event


Tazkarti team have received wide praise over its successes in organizing many events, starting from the draw, the opening and closing ceremonies of the African Nations Championship, in addition to the the World Cup draw, many festivals and large artistic concerts, the latest of which is the Cairo Film Festival, which is currently held in the opera.


Tazkarti is the creator of the Egyptian Fan ID for the first time in Egypt under the trademark Tazkarti Fan ID. The company offers a ticket marketplace for different types of events across Egypt.



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Montasser Al Nabarawy with Tazkarti team during CIFF 

According to its website, the company’s mission is to “provide a safe and convenient marketplace for ticket buyers in different types of events—using the latest booking technologies.”


Tazkarti uses new and high-tech systems to guarantee authorized and original tickets, accurate delivery time, as well as safety and convenience.



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