Egypt's CAPMAS releases 2019 fact book on undergraduate, graduate students



Tue, 01 Dec 2020 - 01:23 GMT


Tue, 01 Dec 2020 - 01:23 GMT

Cairo University - Wikimedia Commons

Cairo University - Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO – 1 December 2020: The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) released on Tuesday the annual fact book on undergraduate and graduate students at the Egyptian universities and colleges for the year 2019.  


Graduate Studies


The number of students enrolled in master's programs is 68,810. The percentages of males and females are 45.2 percent and 54.8 percent, respectively. The former is below the international rate standing at 47 percent, while the latter is above the international rate of 53 percent.


The number of students enrolled in PhD programs is 24,435. The percentages of males and females are 50.7 percent and 49.3 percent, respectively. Like the case with master's programs, the figure for males is lower than the international one by 4.3 percent while that of females exceeds the internal rate by the same percentage.


The number of students enrolled in graduate programs at Egyptian universities is 200,200. The breakdown is 53.4 percent enrolled in diplomas, 34.4 percent enrolled in master's programs, and 12.2 percent enrolled in PhD programs.  


The number of graduate students who finished their programs at Egyptian and foreign universities in 2019 is 115,600 declining by 3.5 percent from 119,800 in 2018.


Science majors composed 46.9 percent of post-graduate degrees earned recording 54,000 followed by business and law making up 16.2 percent hitting 18,700. Medical school came third with 13 percent and 15,000 degrees.  


The ranking of Egyptian universities in terms of the number of degrees received by graduate students is as follows. Ain Shams University comes first with 9,300 degrees contributing by 8.1 percent. Asyut University comes second with 9,100 degrees contributing by 7.9 percent. Alexandria University comes third with 7,900 degrees contributing by 6.8 percent. Mansoura University comes fourth with 7,300 degrees contributing by 6.3 percent.


The number of degrees earned by Egyptian from foreign universities is 209 making up 0.2 percent of post-graduate degrees earned. The breakdown is 28 degrees from Germany (13.4 percent), 26 degrees from Canada (12.4 percent), and 25 degrees from Japan (12 percent).


The number of international students who received post-graduate degrees from Egyptian universities increased by 11.2 percent to become 3,185 up from 2,863.


Undergraduate Studies


The number of those who finished their undergraduate studies in 2019 (604,200) surpasses that of 2018 (568,900) with a rise of 6.2 percent.


The graduation rate at private universities increased significantly as it rose by 17.8 percent to record 28,000 up from 23,800 in 2018. The rise for public universities – already taking in large numbers – is just 5.5 percent hitting 428,600 in 2019 against 406,400 in 2018.


The shares of public and private universities in class 2019 are 70.9 percent and 4.6 percent, respectively. The rest goes to private colleges (14.2 percent), public colleges (9.1 percent) and academies (1.1 percent).


Regarding private colleges, 85,800 graduated in 2019 compared to 84,500 in 2018 with a rise of 1.5 percent. Speaking of public colleges, 55,300 graduated in 2019 compared to 47,600 in 2018 with a remarkable rise of 16.1 percent. As for academies, 6,600 graduated in 2019.


The breakdown of class 2019 according to fields studied is: 30.3 percent attended schools of business and law (183,000), 14.4 percent went to schools of arts and humanities (87,000), and 13.7 percent graduated from medical schools (3,800).



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