Egypt plans to construct 50 four-generation cities by 2050: Cabinet Spox


Fri, 06 Nov 2020 - 01:45 GMT

FILE - New Alamein City plan

FILE - New Alamein City plan

CAIRO – 6 November 2020: In a bid to cope with the overpopulation, the Egyptian government is establishing 22 out of 50 four-generation cities nationwide, said Hani Younis, the spokesperson of the Cabinet on Thursday.
“Egypt cares more of the national strategic plan for urban expansion nationwide, under the supervision of Egyptian experts in various sectors,” he told “9:00 PM” talk show on the state-owned channel 1.
He noted that the smart cities that have been established so far have provided good investment opportunities, adding that the 50 new cities would be built by 2050.
Since 2018, Egypt has begun constructing 22 fourth-generation cities. The Egyptian focus on fourth-generation cities comes as part of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi vision to provide a better life to Egyptians, face rapid population growth and offer housing, investment and job opportunities.
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CAIRO - 28 December 2018: 2018 saw the Egyptian government embark on key economic and social reforms on a multitude of different front, with the sole purpose of developing the state and ensuring a high living standard for Egyptian citizens.

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