Egypt's preparations complete for 2nd round parliament voting: NEA head


Thu, 05 Nov 2020 - 12:03 GMT

Voting process at Egyptian elections - FILE

Voting process at Egyptian elections - FILE

CAIRO - 5 November 2020: Head of the National Elections Authority (NEA) Lashin Ibrahim announced Thursday that all final preparations and logistical support are completed to carry out voting in the second round of the House of Representatives elections.
According to his statement, elections will be held internally on Saturday and Sunday for citizens in Egypt. 
The first stage went in constituencies of 14 governorates for individuals and 11 governorates for lists.
The elections of the first stage were held on October 21 through 23 for Egyptian expats and October 24-25 for Egyptians in the homeland.
The runoff will be on December 5 through 7 for expats and December 7-8 for nationals inside Egypt. 



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