Egyptian Martyrs’ children, North Sinai students exempted from education tuition, university dorm fees


Sun, 18 Oct 2020 - 07:08 GMT

Cairo University - official website

Cairo University - official website

CAIRO – 18 October 2020: Academic students, who are relatives of security martyrs, and students of North Sinai will be exempted from tuition and university dorm fees for the current academic year 2020/2021, according to Cairo University President Muhammad Othman Al-Khosht’s statement.


Khosht added the university continues to support students who are unable to pay the fees through the Social Solidarity Fund, and the university also provides full health care for students with various medical conditions.


This comes as per the laws that guarantee social justice, as the services provided by the Social Solidarity Fund include payment of tuition fees, university housing, meals and the purchase of books.


In addition to caring for students with special abilities and students with visual impairment, providing them with financial support, which is represented in the purchase of prosthetic devices, such as wheelchairs and medical stethoscopes, to help them complete their university studies.


Earlier, Khosht decided, not to increase university expenses, despite the increase in the cost of living, as students staying in dorms pay a percentage of the actual cost borne by the university. Students pay LE 160 for accommodation and LE 185 for three meals daily throughout the month.


In 2019, Cairo University exempted about 5,000 students, who were unable to pay the expenses, out of the university's responsibility towards the homeland.



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