Egyptian police handles thousands of cases in 1 week



Sat, 10 Oct 2020 - 07:07 GMT


Sat, 10 Oct 2020 - 07:07 GMT

FILE – Egyptian police

FILE – Egyptian police

CAIRO – 10 October 2020: The Ministry of Interior released on Saturday a statement detailing its achievements over one week.


The ministry executed 428,803 judicial verdicts. Those include 1,907 crimes; 152,351 felonies; 205,533 fines; and 69,012 violations (elimination).


The ministry broke cases of embezzlement, scam, and illegal foreign currency trade worth LE2.39 billion.


Those include 153 tax evasions; 35 VAT evasions; 148 tariff evasions; 10 squatter evictions from state-owned lands; 394 real estate tax evasions; execution of 497 verdicts; 251 investigations; 16 cases pertinent to illegal trade of foreign currency, illegitimate transactions, fraud, and smuggling; and, 10 cases of embezzlement, money laundering, and illicit gains.


The ministry broke 1,390 various criminal cases pertinent to theft, possession of unlicensed arms, possession of white arms, vandalism of public property, and possession of drugs.


The ministry targeted high-profile criminal hideouts in Manzala and Al Sehr Wa Al Gamal. The first is located between Damietta and Port Said governorates, and the latter lies between Sharqia and Ismailiyah governorates.


The missions resulted in the arrest of 374 suspects and the confiscation of 24 arms, 78 bullets, and four white weapons.


Criminal elements in Qalyoubeya, Suez, and Asyut were chased ensuing the death and arrest of 12 suspects, and the confiscation of seven machine guns, four birdshot guns, bullets, and a quantity of Strox drugs.


Some of those criminal elements were charged of murder, and possession of unlicensed arms and drugs. Others have already been sentenced in absentia to death and life in prison.


The total number of unlicensed arms confiscated across the country is 844. That is in addition to the fall of seven criminal formations that consisted of 27 suspects who committed 18 theft crimes.


The police also arrested 39 minors who have been involved in different crimes, and recovered five stolen cars.


The security agencies resolved 59 cases of intended murder, robbery, arson, and imposters arresting 97 suspects.


The police broke 1,094 cases of drug trafficking arresting 1,195 defendants. The types of drugs confiscated are hash (198,739 kilograms); bango (384,573 kilograms); heroin (25,200 kilograms); Strox (22,678 kilograms); voodoo (587 grams); opium (179 grams); cocaine (31 grams); and, 52,738 tablets.


The ministry also identified 29 smuggling cases, and 1,110 cases of artifacts possession and illegal excavation of artifacts.


The ministry broke 8,739 supply cases as 134 were filed for selling 378 subsidized butane gas cylinders in the black market while eight others were filed for the illegal trade of 6,000 fuel liters.


In addition, the ministry broke 224 cases of selling expired food confiscating 387,999 tons, and 116 cases of selling subsidized food in the black market confiscating 26,102 tons.


The police detected 75,912 electricity theft cases, and violations to contract conditions. The fines collected are worth LE61.65 million.


The police broke 35 and 624 cases in the realms of intellectual property and fish resources, respectively. In the second type, unlicensed fishing was carried out and unlicensed boats were used.


The police identified 509 violations of environment law, and secured 387 touristic boats.  


The number of traffic violations recorded stands at 198,193 including 41,957 high-speed driving cases, 7,269 parking violations, and 28 cases of driving under influence.


As for violations breaching COVID-19 protective measures, 7,310 supply cases were broken, 2,043 shops were shut down for opening at closing hours, 268 coffee shops were closed for not ensuring protective measures are implemented, and 10,327 public transportation drivers were fined for not putting on face masks. 



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