In Pics, Menoufia governor celebrates reopening public squares after renovation



Tue, 06 Oct 2020 - 07:55 GMT


Tue, 06 Oct 2020 - 07:55 GMT


CAIRO – 6 October 2020: In conjunction with the 6 of October war victory celebrations, the governor of Menoufia inaugurated renovations in a number of squares and public streets.

Number of the governorate officials attended the ceremony along with governor Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Limon, including deputy governor Mohamed Mousa.

Menoufia governor Major General Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Limon


One of the inaugurated squares was named after the late president, Sadat as a tribute on the occasion of the 1973 war anniversary.

Number of renovations have been taken place in the governorate during the last period as part of the governor plan of development and raising the efficiency of public facilities.



Up to 15 public squares in the governorate were announced to be developed with a total coast of LE20 million according to the governorate’s officials adding that these squares are located in different towns.

Also, Governor of Menoufia is expected to lay a wreath of flowers at the governorate monument on the occasion of October victories.

On October 2, Egyptians all over the governorates took to streets to celebrate the 1973 victory against Israel and to renew support to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, days after anti-regime protest calls failed.




people gathered in many streets and public squares, chanting for Egypt and president Sisi, holding flags and celebrating the 1973 victory anniversary.

The pro-regime celebrations came as per a call by a number of political parties. The number of people celebrating the victory anniversary have increased, as they appeared raising Egyptian flags.



Also, on Social Media, people have defended the state and the president against opposite calls, affirming that such celebrations mark an end to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group’s ambitions to spread chaos across the country.

The celebrations were spotted in Alexandria, Sinai, Luxor, Ismailia,Asyut, Sharqia and many other governorates.








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