Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam said President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has led with full power the march of development and change in all economic, social, health, educational and service scores.

He added that this march of development has reaped its fruits that astonished the whole world.

He said as Egypt was just wishing to get out of the state of confusion to stability, but the president had an insight and ambitious plans for change.

The president was aware of the challenges and intrigues besetting Egypt and the importance of confronting them, Allam said, adding that it was normal for the powers of evil and terrorism inside and outside Egypt to stand in the face of such achievements.

Allam underlined the importance of having a strong national media to defend national issues and state institutions, hailing the patriotic efforts exerted by national media, topped by the Middle East News Agency (MENA).

He added that more efforts should be exerted by audio, visual and printed media as well as social media to ensure that people get the righteous information not that fake news purported by some media. 


Anba Ermia - the General Bishop and President of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center – said President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is capable of securing a better future for the coming generations, referring to statements by the Siemens chairman in which he said that President Sisi can restore Egypt’s glories.

He underlined that the community should close ranks and work together to realize more progress and confront subversive attempts.

He referred to the president’s achievements in the fields of health, agriculture, roads, sewage, etc over the past few years.

He added that the president’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on terror-sponsor states has underscored Egypt’s strength.

For his part, MENA Board Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Ali Hassan said the great Egyptian people have recently sent a message to the whole world on their full awareness against intrigues being tailored by the terrorist Brotherhood group and terror-sponsor states.

He added that the Egyptian people have categorically rejected chaos calls triggered by traitors.

The Egyptian people stressed they will continue to support the political leadership, army, police and all state institutions to continue the march of development in the face of traitors seeking to destroy the country.