Egyptian PM's visit to New Capital unveils executive status, construction of another new city



Sat, 19 Sep 2020 - 05:46 GMT


Sat, 19 Sep 2020 - 05:46 GMT

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli in a visit to the New Administrative Capital on September 19, 2020. Press Photo

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli in a visit to the New Administrative Capital on September 19, 2020. Press Photo

CAIRO – 19 September 2020: Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli paid the New Administrative Capital (NAC) a visit Saturday to check the executive status of the governmental headquarters given ministries will move by mid-2021.


Key Statements


The prime minister told press that the state is building a new city called the "Capital Gardens." That city is located 10 minutes away from the new capital and considered an extension of Badr City.


Madbouli added that the construction of 30,000 social housing units in the new city is underway.


The prime minister stated that the government will soon officially launch the construction of 50 percent of the 250,000 social housing units President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said the government will build.


The prime minister showcased that the state is eager to build houses for all social segments in various zones in order to inhibit illegal buildings and ensure that constructions are planned.


Madbouli urged citizens to seize the opportunity of extending the deadline of licensing illegal buildings saying he himself follows up on the matter with governors. The deadline to pay the fine was made September 30 instead of September 15. The value of the fine is determined according to the location and surface area of the unit/building.


Madbouli highlighted that the new capital is a model of around 20 new similar cities that are under progress in Egypt. It is noted that the North African state is building 41 new cities.


Governmental Headquarters


According to the press statement, the prime minister started with the Cabinet's headquarters, which is a three-storey building. The ground floor includes security offices, ceremony hall, press center, museum, cafeteria, and training halls.


Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli in a visit to the New Administrative Capital on September 19, 2020. Press Photo
Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli in a visit to the New Administrative Capital on September 19, 2020. Press Photo  


The first floor houses administrative offices, a conference hall, and a service area. The second floor has meeting rooms, the PM's office, and the headquarters of the Information and Decision Support Center. Each of the aforementioned floors has a VIP reception room.




The third floor encompasses the offices of the Cabinet's Secretary General and general secretariat, the financial sector, the governmental relations sector, the conference center, the councils sector, the policies sector, the national projects sector, and the media office.




The prime minister headed later to the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spanning over 55,000 square meters, and encompassing a basement, a ground floor, and nine floors. The height of the building is 50 meters. The built area makes up just 24 percent of the total surface area as it size is 13,000 square meters. The rest is gardens and fountains.


Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the new capital
Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the new capital


The governmental neighborhood has been accomplished by 87 percent as the buildings' skeletons and interior constructions are finished by 100 percent while the exterior is over by 98 percent. A total of 234 floors, and 2,086 offices have been delivered.


Building of Finance Minister in the new capital


The prime minister checked the furnishing and equipping of the Finance Ministry as a model of the other ministerial buildings.






Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) stated that the furnishing of the buildings in the governmental neighborhood would create around 100,000 job opportunities. He added that the furniture will be supplied by 20 Egyptian companies.


Water supply networks and wastewater networks have been introduced in the neighborhood by 80 percent and 93 percent. Also the drainage system has been accomplished by 95 percent.


In the same context, electricity has been introduced in the buildings of the governmental neighborhood.


The Facebook page of NAC announced that 30 states are certainly moving their embassies to the new capital, and that 60 others have applied to get plots in the diplomatic neighborhood, including Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, and Kuwait. The price of the square meter in the diplomatic neighborhood is $400.


Capital Park


The prime minister also visited the central park dubbed "Capital Park" and the business park as well as the housing units of government employees moving to the capital constructed in nearby Badr City.


Madbouli met with officials and chiefs of companies accomplishing the new capital to stress on the necessity of meeting deadlines, particularly those pertinent to road surfacing and landscaping.




Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Areas Assem al-Gazar stated that Capital Park extends over 10 kilometers and has a total surface are of 1,000 feddans. The park is divided into three sections. The CP01 spans over 250 feddans, and houses an Islamic Garden, indoor garden, social club, SPA resort, lakes, and a restaurant complex.


The CP02 stretches over 306 feddans. Of those, 240 feddans are open air entertainment venues. That section encompasses an open air art garden, patrimonial garden, amusement park, concert venues and open air theater.


The surface area of the CP03 is 309 feddans. Of those, 50 feddans are allocated to a children educational garden, an open air library, gardens for reading, restaurants complex, and sports club. The rest is an open park.


The construction works of Capital Park has created 2,300 job opportunities.


Africa's Tallest Tower


The prime minister witnessed the pouring of the concrete slabs of the 45th floor of Africa's tallest tower whose height is 385 meters. Until present, the tower's height has reached 220 and that is higher than Cairo Tower.




The tower is being constructed by a Chinese company – CSCEC - in the new capital. The prime minister instructed the company to finish the construction of the external structure by the end of October 2021. The tower is located in the Business Park that houses a total of 10 towers.




Deputy Chair of the New Urban Communities Authority Abdel Motaleb Mamdouh revealed how water will be supplied to the new capital. He clarified that a line is being extended for 19 kilometers from the 10th of Ramadan City to reservoirs whose total capacity is 100,000 cubic meters. Until present, 16 kilometers have been accomplished. The civil works of the treatment plant, the water pumping station and the reservoirs are over by 100 percent.




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