Egyptian YouTubers detained for 4 days pending investigation for terrorizing their baby


Thu, 17 Sep 2020 - 01:19 GMT

A screenshot was taken from the video

A screenshot was taken from the video

CAIRO- 17 September 2020: Al Basateen Prosecution office ordered a four-day detention against two famous Youtubers hmed Hassan and Zainab pending investigations for accusations of "terrorizing" their little daughter in a video.


Ahmed Hassan and his wife Zainab were arrested at their residence in a Cairo compound on Wednesday after they posted a video on their Youtube channel of 5.9 million subscribers, where Zainab painted her face black and went to her one-year-old baby. The baby girl cried and pictures of her frightened face circulated on social media with severe criticism to her parents, who were laughing during the video they called "we pranked our daughter."


Hundreds of videos have been posted in their channels, most are pranks, and every video usually has over 2 million views. Every now and then, social media users criticize them for "exploiting" their daughter since her birth to gain more subscribers and reports against them are filed to the prosecution.


They previously posted several videos claiming they will no longer post vlogs due to the criticism, gaining millions of views. But they resumed posting videos everytime, saying the "quitting" was a prank or because they were depressed at the time.



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