Qatar funds terrorism in Libya, Egypt delegation to UN



Wed, 28 Jun 2017 - 10:31 GMT


Wed, 28 Jun 2017 - 10:31 GMT

Qatari Flag - File photo

Qatari Flag - File photo

CAIRO, June 28: Egypt has accused Qatar of supporting terrorist groups in Libya.

Libya has become a safe haven for terrorists, said Tareq el Quni, assistant foreign minister for Arab Affairs, as he read out Egypt's statement before an anti-terror committee of the UN Security Council Tuesday night.

Terrorist groups are acting under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, Quni said.

He cited a number of terrorist attacks against Egypt that had been masterminded in Libya, atop of which those against Copts in Upper Egypt.

Egypt is pressing for measures to handle the situation in Libya, including a political reconciliation in the Arab country, the diplomat told the gathering.

He urged the UN mission in Libya to intensify its efforts to implement a political agreement in Libya.

The UN Security Council should document repeated violations by some countries, particularly Qatar, which supply terrorist groups in Libya with arms and money, Quni said.

He also called for boosting cooperation between the Libya Sanctions Committee and Daesh and al Qaeda Sanctions Committee.

An arms embargo imposed on the Libyan national army should as well be lifted for the Libyan army to be able to counter terrorism, Quni stressed.



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