In pics: 8 injured in multi-vehicle collision on Ring Road


Sat, 08 Aug 2020 - 04:11 GMT

Multi-vehicle collision on Ring Road

Multi-vehicle collision on Ring Road

CAIRO – 8 August 2020: A total of eight citizens were injured in a multi-vehicle collision that took place early Saturday on the Ring Road.


The collision led to car fires, but there are no deaths reported, according to the Ministry of Health.


The Ministry deployed eight ambulance vehicles to the accident site to transfer the injuries to National Bank Hospital.


The injuries varied between fractures, bruises, abrasions and burns; they are all receiving necessary care at the hospital, according to ministry statement.


The fire extended to seven vehicles, and the firefighters were able to control it and then carried out cooling operations. The governorate loaders lifted the charred cars due to the fire.


The degree of preparedness at the National Bank Hospital was raised in anticipation of any emergency circumstances, said the statement. It added that necessary medical care is being provided to the injured, who will be discharged after their health condition improves.


Egypt loses thousands of lives due to road fatalities every year. Although official reports list human error as the main reason behind the deadly accidents, mostly due to speeding, the country has repeatedly confirmed the low quality of the roads and lack of maintenance to some bridges. This prompted the country to launch a huge road reform program since 2014.


Among the measures taken, Egypt has built a large network of new roads and bridges linking cities, reducing the time taken in daily travels inside the country, and toughening penalty imposed on violators of the new traffic law.



Fire vehicles at the accident site
Fire vehicles at the accident site



Cooling operations at accident site
Cooling operations at accident site




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