The new session was set for August 6.

Geneina made statements to the media that government corruption cost the country EGP 600 billion from 2012-2015, stirring widespread controversy.

The State Security Prosecution said Geneina’s claims about government corruption is inaccurate.

A statement issued by the general prosecutor’s office stated that Geneina’s statements exaggerated the amount of corruption, claiming that the former auditor stated during investigations that those numbers included other years as well, not just 2015, and for other reasons rather than just corruption.

An official at the Administrative Development Ministry said the CAO is not primarily concerned with researching corruption in Egypt.

According to the official, these statements were also endorsed by members of the committee who conducted the CAO study. The study had several holes as it used inaccurate mathematical modules and included incompetent researchers, she added.

She referred to a joint study made by the ministry along with five other entities, including the CAO, on the corruption in Egypt between 2008 and 2012, where it stated that the definition of corruption is only limited to intentional crimes.