Ismailia pipeline blast: Investigations reveal excavation works at leak point



Thu, 16 Jul 2020 - 01:42 GMT


Thu, 16 Jul 2020 - 01:42 GMT

Huge explosion on Cairo-Ismailia Road after oil leakage - Video screenshot

Huge explosion on Cairo-Ismailia Road after oil leakage - Video screenshot

CAIRO – 16 July 2020: Excavation works were revealed at the leak point, which caused a huge explosion on Cairo-Ismailia Road this week, according to investigations by the Public Prosecution.


Investigations into the massive blast that caught up several cars and injured a number of citizens started immediately, and revealed that a parallel pipe had a side slit opened upwards and leaking petroleum substance. The investigations also uncovered traces of friction in the form of longitudinal lines, which led to oil leakage and the occurrence of the fire. 


The explosion of the Shuqair-Mostorod pipeline caused damages to a maintenance center for vehicles on the road, and burned 37 cars and three motorcycles.


Surveillance cameras at the incident site were seized and footages were retrieved by the prosecution as part of the investigation process.


The prosecution determined the two points of the fire; the first is outside the National Institute for Guarding and Security, where a charred car was found, and the second point at a tunnel leading to El-Salam Bridge, where two cars were charred. The fire has caused a part of the concrete structure of the tunnel to collapse.


During investigations, the prosecution questioned a contractor who confirmed that no maintenance work was done on the line recently.


Maintenance and repair works started at the petroleum pipeline.


The crude oil leak spread on the road in a thin layer with a thickness of 3-4 cm. The road was, therefore, closed.



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