Egypt's PM inspects crucial projects in Aswan



Tue, 14 Jul 2020 - 04:39 GMT


Tue, 14 Jul 2020 - 04:39 GMT

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli listens to infrastructure upgrade plans in Aswan on July 14, 2020. Egypt Today

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli listens to infrastructure upgrade plans in Aswan on July 14, 2020. Egypt Today

CAIRO – 14 July 2020: Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli and a number of ministers visited Aswan to check on a number of projects and facilities.


The prime minister started with "Aswan Reservoir Alternative Axis" extending on 5.4 kilometers. The width of the road is 29 meters, and each direction has three lanes. The project's cost is LE1.5 billion, and consists of two main bridges, and a tunnel. One of the bridges is over the Nile while the other is part of the Western Desert Road.


The axis links the extension of Aswan/Bernis Road with Aswan/Cairo Road alleviating the load on the road located on Aswan Reservoir in order to preserve it.


The axis is one of 21 that are being constructed over the Nile River at LE30 million. Seven of those have been finished at LE8.5 billion. Those are Talkha, Banha, Khatatba, Tahya Misr (Rawd El Farag), Bani Mazar, Tama, and Girga.


The construction of eight others is underway at LE12.5 billion. Those are Helwan, Adly Mansour, Samalout, Dairout, Qos, Kalabsha, Draw, and Aswan Reservoir Alternative Axis.


The six planned ones are Al Fashn, Abou Tig, Amrous, Manfalout, Shabrakhit, and Samanoud. Their estimated cost is LE9 billion. When accomplished, the number of roads over the Nile River will rise from 38 in June 2014 to 59.


The prime minister then inspected Kalabsha Axis Road connecting the western and eastern banks of the Nile River. The cost of the road – accomplished by 92 percent - is LE1.05 billion. Its length and depth are 23 kilometers and 21 meters, respectively. The road has two lanes in each direction, 14 industrial establishments, nine bridges, and five tunnels.


Madbouli also inspected the expansion works of the Aswan/Cairo Road (also the Western Desert Road) taking place in the area between Aswan City and Edfu stretching on 98 kilometers. The width of the road is being doubled to become 10.3 meters, so as there are two lanes in each direction. The cost is LE1 billion.


The prime minister checked the renovation of the infrastructure of Sadat Road at LE44 million. The renovation works include the rehabilitation of a water network stretching on three kilometers at LE3 million, and a wastewater network extending on 1.5 kilometer at LE16 million.


Such works are within a plan to renovate water and wastewater networks in Aswan City. The first phase is almost over, and the second phase will cost LE250 million.


The prime minister headed to the Specialized Aswan Hospital located in "New Friendship" neighborhood, and that has been a quarantine hospital since the outbreak of COVID-19.


"I thank you so much. I personally follow what you have been doing since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis. I realize the size of efforts you made to combat the epidemic," the prime minister said addressing the medical staff.


The prime minister ensured there was no shortage in medical equipment, and inquired about the number of patients who received treatment at the hospital. The figure stands at 1,063. Of those, 821 passed away. The number of patients who are still quarantined is 89. As for the medical staff, it consists of 201 individuals, including 30 doctors.


Before turning into a quarantine hospital, the establishment offered medical services in all specializations to 2.5 million citizens as it spans over 18,244 square meters, and houses 121 beds, 24 ICU beds, 13 incubators, and eight dialysis units.  


Madbouli visited the healthcare unit located in the West Reservoir Zone, which will be part of the Universal Health Insurance System that is being introduced in governorates gradually. At present, citizens are registering themselves in the unit and medical files are made for them. The work is currently paper-based but soon it will be digitalized.


Other plans in the governorate include the establishment of a shopping mall, an office building, and the renovation of the front of the municipal authority building.



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