Egyptian NGO says article in senate electoral law 'shallow,' frees legislator from constitution



Wed, 08 Jul 2020 - 02:19 GMT


Wed, 08 Jul 2020 - 02:19 GMT

FILE - National Election Authority

FILE - National Election Authority

CAIRO – 8 July 2020: The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog, an Egyptian civil society organization, on Wednesday issued an introductory paper on the duties and formation of the reinstated Egyptian Senate, reviewing some of the relevant articles.


The paper named “The Second Chamber” was prepared by Abdel Nasser Kandil, head of the Egyptian Group for Parliamentary Studies.


Concerning Article 250 of the electoral system and formation of the Senate, it has been “shallow” in terms of technical details, the paper read, in a way that would enable the legislator, when drafting a law, to impose what is consistent with his vision and targets without any constitutional restrictions.


Article 250 stipulated that the Senate shall be formed of at least 180 members and shall last for five years from the first meeting of its members. The new Senate elections shall be held 60 days before the end of the tenure of the outgoing Senate. Two thirds of the number of Senate members shall be chosen through general elections, while the last third shall be chosen by the President.”


The introductory paper also discussed the articles on the National Election Authority, which was established in accordance with the text of Article 208 of the 2014 constitution. The paper then clarified the formation of the Board of Directors of the authority, in accordance with Article 209, which states that the formation of the Authority's Board of Directors shall be of ten members from the judiciary and judicial bodies in Egypt, who are chosen without interference from the executive authority.


The authority, according to Article 198 of 2017, has the entitlement to express its opinion on draft laws related to referendums and presidential, local and legislative elections.


The paper also explained the powers of the Senate in accordance with Article 248 of the Constitution, which stated that the council is concerned with studying and proposing what it deems necessary to support the pillars of democracy and social peace as well as the basic foundations of society and its supreme value, the rights, freedoms and public duties, and deepen the democratic system and expanding its areas.


Egypt's House officially approves law on establishing Senate

CAIRO, 17 June 2020: Egypt's House of Representatives approved officially, a bill on establishing the Senate, during a Wednesday general session. The draft law submitted by MP Abdel Hadi al-Qasabi, head of Support Egypt Coalition, was approved by nearly two-thirds majority of members of Parliament, while only four MPs refused it.


Egypt will hold elections for the Senate on Aug 11-12, election commissioner Lasheen Ibrahim told a televised press conference on Saturday.


Committees set in various governorates will begin receiving and studying candidacy applications starting 9:00 am until 5:00 pm for a week starting from next Saturday until July 18 this month.


According to the schedule, elections will be held outside Egypt on Sunday and Monday corresponding (August 9 and 10), and will be held inside Egypt on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 11 and 12).


He also pointed out that in case of a re-election, elections will be held abroad on Sunday and Monday (September 6 and 7), and in Egypt on Tuesday and Wednesday (September 8 and 9).



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