Egypt's National Council for Women calls on girls to quickly report harassment crimes


Sat, 04 Jul 2020 - 04:40 GMT

President of Egypt's National Council for Women (NCW) - File

President of Egypt's National Council for Women (NCW) - File

CAIRO - 4 July 2020: The National Council for Women announced its full support for the girls who are victims of harassment and rape, and it calls upon them to quickly report the crimes that were circulated on Instagram.
In light of the role of the National Council for Women in protecting and supporting Egyptian women to obtain their rights, granted to them by the law, and in response to the reactions of girls and women to the first statement that the council issued yesterday regarding its follow up to what was recently raised on the social networking site (Instagram), where a number of girls a few days ago created a group on Instagram to collect indictments against a young man, which includes girls ’testimonies about numerous rape incidents committed by the young man, incidents of sexual harassment of girls, as well as indecent assaults via text and voice messages that the young man sent to many girls.
The National Council for Women calls on girls and women to quickly report this young man and not to remain silent due to fear or hesitation, so that this young man gets his punishment and to protect other girls from falling victim to him or others.
The National Council for Women clarifies that victims can submit a complaint electronically to the Public Prosecution, as that the only approved method for receiving complaints electronically now is via WhatsApp on the phone number "01111755959", and as soon as the complainant sends her first message to the mentioned number, the link of the electronic complaint form appears as bellow:
Taking into account the need to fill in the required data in the form referred to. Complaints cannot be received directly via the "WhatsApp" application, with the need to attach a copy of the front of the identity card (national number) to the complaint form, otherwise the complaint will be considered cancelled.
It is also necessary to warn that there is no other phone number to receive complaints electronically except via the indicated method, and if the complainant is unable to submit their complaint electronically, then her right is guaranteed to submit it to the Police Department office or the competent prosecution.
The complaints that are outside the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution are not approved, nor are they considered. Regarding the approved complaints, the person who submit them will receive a message via "WhatsApp" with what was decided on it.
The National Council for Women also announces that the Women’s Complaints Bureau is fully prepared to provide the necessary legal and psychological support to girls, and to support them so that this young man gets the punishment he deserves according to the law, and that it be a lesson to all those who dare harm girls and harass them, while emphasizing the confidentiality of all complaints and data received by the bureau.
You can contact the Women's Complaints Office on the hot line 15115, or by via WhatsApp on the phone number "01007525600", or via the office's e-mail, as follows:



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